Advice on File Mgmt Software requested?

Over the last 15 years, I have always used cash to solve my computing problems! If the hard disk failed, I bought a new one, copied everything over, stashed the old disk away, and carried on. Backups were made to whatever was available at the time but were not managed. In other words, I have lots of monthly backups!

So, now I have ended up with several HDDs, lots of DVDs and tape drives containing original files and various backups. I estimate that I have >3TB of files. Frankly, everything is in a mess.

I need a Vista or XP program that will allow me to work through all the disks, identify the data files (xls, doc, jpg etc) and move them to a central location, ideally within the original file structure, whilst allowing me to identify and delete the copies.

I have previously used Ztree (aka Xtree) and TreeSizePro. Both have their good points and both have their limitations and that has stopped me from buying one of them.

Can anyone recommend a suitable file mgmt program? As I am trying to implement a network server (ha!), the program should be network compliant.

Grateful for your advice and experiences!

I've filled up a 120 gig USB external hard drive and a 500 gig external HD through back-ups (and a rather extensive and diverting porn collection) ;) I'm now working on a 1TB drive so I think I'll check out some of these file managers too. :p

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