Advice on FATs

I have just received my instructions from the RN to go to cranwell for my Flying Aptitude tests, as a 2 year scholar applicant.

Can anyone who has sucessfully completed these, give me some advice, what to revise, what to improve etc.

Cheers C_C
I would revise what could come up in the exam and improve your weaker areas!

Sorry, couldn't resist!
Crab_Cadet this wont be what you want to hear either but FAT's are designed to test inherent ability so there is little you can do to improve your score. It's the only way they can offer a true reflection of your potential.

If you do want to do a bit of work I would make sure your mental arthimatic is as good as it can be. There are some test which combine mental arithmatic with various other tasks. If your maths is intuative the other tasks become easier.

You should also not as far as i'm aware you need to pass Pilot and WSO/Observer to get a place in the FAA so dont relax too much after the pilot tests!
Oh no no, I know that they are testing inherrant qualities, what I meant are there anyways to improve your abilities, i have brought a puzzle book to work on. but does anyone have any other Ideas?
Ahhhh, no worries.

Failed. next attempt in 2 years.
Crab cadet, you're obviously one mixed up dude. Your nick implies Air Farce, you've ambitions to join the fishy trades yet you ask on an Army forum about the tests. Can't you make your mind up?

BTW, which service did you get your puzzle book from?
Muttley said:
My advice then is Try Harder next time!
You're not a relative of Mike O'D*n*hue (ex Co 1 Regt) are you? "For those of you who have done well, well done. To those of you who didn't, better luck next time".
Sam, my example would be:

To those that have done well, bloody well done.

To those that have not done so well, your fired!

I would then proceed to comb my sideburns over my forehead and look cheesily at my 2 assistants.
:D C Robin has it about right, eye and hand co-ordination is a must. You will also get a series of aircraft instruments to interperet (spall chock failure), so I would suggest several goes on a PC flight simulator programme so that from the instrument pictures you can identify what the aeroplane is doing. Read up on 'Air Power' (might need to get the latest from an RAF recruiting office). You will be interviewed mainly by RAF selectors as they run the show at Cranwell. Read up on the latest news in the broadsheet papers. If you get past that stage go and join a gliding club, as it is the cheapest form of flying instruction you can get - and then deny even being in a plane when asked, it will make it look as though you have natural ability - even if you don't! Good luck.
Don’t bother with any prep. I did mine back in 93 and didn’t have a clue what to expect. Remember one test with multiple lines that consisted of various concentrations of white dots. The idea was to move the cursor to the line which had the most dots, the concentrations changed and speed as the lines moved down the screen.

During the medical you'll get some Ophthalmologist checking your retinas etc. the aim here is not to break into fits of laughter as her (in my case) nose hovers within millimetres of your face…well it was cracking me up at the time.

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