Advice on Disciplinary Procedure for AIs

Discussion in 'ACF' started by KitKats, Apr 16, 2011.

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  1. I'm looking for some advice on the disciplinary system for (non-comissioned) adult instructors within the ACF.

    I'm currently with the OTC and was recently sent on a tasking to guard a cadet camp with several cadet units on the camp. On one of my shifts, I was the only female in the guardroom and tasked with asking all the returning adults to sign back into the camp. Since it was some kind of night off for most of the adults, many of them came back drunk, which I have no issues with whatsoever, as they were generally chatty and amusing.

    The problem arose when one adult began to grab me in the guardroom. Due to the layout of the room, I was pretty much trapped, and although I repeatedly told him that he really needed to go away to bed as he had had too much, he continued to grab me and attempt to kiss me. This alone, I might have let slide, dealing with the rest of the guard shift in-house for engaging the guy in conversation and not letting me throw him out.

    Unfortunatly, I then had to work a shift on the bar in the Sgt's Mess. This same 'gentleman' was there and continued to try to touch me, at one point leaning all the way over the bar and grabbing at me, whilst shouting sexually abusive remarks (I'm not talking banter here, I'd have knocked any guy in my unit out for saying even half the things he was).

    I reported the incident to RSM who called me in to talk to the two senior cadet officers on camp. They basically said that since the gentleman in question does not hold a comission, he is not subject to military law, and there is nothing they can do about it. The best they can offer is a formal apology and they can suggest that the man in question stops working with their cadets.

    What I want to know is if there really is no disciplinary system for AIs with in the Cadet organisation. I don't see how the organisation exists without one, especially as the job revolves around working with kids.
  2. Report him to the Police? If he isn't subject to military law, then all the ACF could do would be to kick him out
  3. Why didn't you just put-out? It gets the ordeal over alot quicker that way.
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  4. they have it wrong as any civi that is on an MOD establishment can be done under Mil Law they were probably trying to sweep it under the carpet
  5. Report to the Fuzz, you'll have the witness statements of your guard and the RSM to back you up. If you don't how do you know he won't do this again and maybe even rape someone, who isn't strong enough to fight him off like you did. Do the right thing and get the nonce banged up
  6. I agree with crow bag, report this creature to the police. Once is possibly forgiveable (and could possibly even be seen as banter), but after the second time & especially after doing it in public, an example needs to be made. God only knows what this ******** is like with even younger females
  7. Apparently (according to the ACF staff, though the RSM didn't look convinced), the police won't do anything, as the incident report wasn't submitted until the next day. I'm more concerned with seeing that he doesn't do this to any of the kids, to be honest. They tried to tell me it was 'very out of character' for him, but the bar manager was telling me he only puts up with his behaviour because he has to. I'm at a bit of a loss, really.
  8. I agree; any civilian on MOD property is subject to military law. I often work on MOD establishments and am reminded of this when I sign in. Makes perfect sense. As for the Muppet, he sounds like one of the many dead beats who hang around messes to get a cheap drink, report him to the police and fire it up your chain of command. He did assault you.
  9. YOU report him, sexual assault doesn't have a time limit, get on the phone this second and call the police
  10. thats bollocks! report it to the police! there trying to sweep it under the carpet and that is also wrong! failing that however if you ever encounter him again carry a sharp object and use it in "self defense" on the dirty twat
  11. Police won't do anything?

    If you are for real, and the story is as told, ring the police now, report it and watch just how little they do!

    Oh and on a down note, whatever you do and no matter how unfair/wrong it will seem, your time with the ACF is over.

    Do nothing and you will be seen as easy,
    Do something and you will always be treaded as a grass- you're not but people are stupid and there will always be whispers
  12. The ACF staff are feeding you the party line to keep their mate out of the shit. Get it reported today. If its happening regularly, how do you know he isn't a paedophile or rapist waiting to happen. All it will take is one more drink, or an easy target. You have a responsibility to yourself and others to help stop this happening. You were lucky in that you got away, someone else may not be so fortunate
  13. She's OTC , helps to read the thread,
  14. From the OP
    Apparently (according to the ACF staff, though the RSM didn't look convinced),

    That suggests she was on an ACF camp.
    If she reports the matter the ACF will not invite her back
  15. I doubt someone reporting a sexual assault would be seen as a grass. It's not like she'd be shopping him to the RSM for falling asleep on guard is it?