Advice on delay of boxes to sandy place

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by sunisland, Jan 25, 2010.

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  1. Title says it all really. Sent 2 boxes to bfpo 792 and neither have got there. 1st went properly addressed on 4th jan. just wondered how long other people find they take to get through and of course have a moan cos i am pissed of that the boy has had nothing for a month. So whats the usual flash to bang time anyone?
  2. Well, my old Platoon had to wait nearly 3 months to get their boxes in Afghan.
  3. Is he actually at BFPO 792 or further forward?

    Many units are based out of that place but many of their personnel are not actually located there. It can take several days to get mail forward once it arrives; this is especially true of BFPO 792.
  4. its no comfort, but 21 days is nothing really, the factors affecting the delay are various. but this is the normal reasons
    delay with royal mail to bfpo up in london.
    delivery to airhead.
    parcel has to wait at airhead for next available flight into theatre.
    unload in theatre, poss delay there if it has to be moved onto another airfield, so say parcel lands in kaf, gets unloaded, then put on pallet for bst
    unloaded at bst, then sorted for location within bst, or for onward move to fob. mail is not priority for heli moves so waits in turn for a flight to fob.

  5. Cheers all. will man up and wait it out.