Advice on CP courses please!

Discussion in 'Jobs (Discussion)' started by captain_jack, Feb 28, 2007.

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  1. Hello All,

    Just looking for some advice on CP courses and which ones are recommended. There seems to be a lot of training providers in this field and i assume some are a lot more reputable than others. Having done some research into these companies they all seem to have their pros and cons ie; course length, firearms package included, hostile/non hostile, instructor student ratio, UK or SA etc, etc.

    What im after is some feedback from people who have attended any of the CP courses I have shortlisted below. I think this is the only way to set any of them apart.

    Ronin concepts (UK not SA)
    Longmoor Group
    Dynamic Alternatives

    Thanks for your time.
  2. Id recommend you go with one accredited by BCUC

    Anubis Associates Ltd
    CTR Services Ltd
    Olympus Security Ltd
    The Nemesis Group

    Phoenix are now Armour Group; Ive met no one who's done a course with them since the change so I wont comment on it either way.

    Do yourself a favor and just DO NOT go with a company accredited by EdExcel. Just don't.
  3. Have a look through this particular forum and you will see that your questions have been answered dozens of times. Hope this helps :biggrin:
  4. Thanks guys,

    Ref the BCUC/Edexcel issue....why should Edexcel accreditation be avoided?.

    Thanks again.

    Please continue to post