Advice on Commissioning (LE)??

Discussion in 'REME' started by spanner_monkeyuk, Jul 1, 2007.

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  1. Has any got any advice on commissioning (LE), and what is the best corp to transfer into? :?
  2. Why transfer? I thought the whole idea of LE Commissioning was to use your expertise within your Officer setup.
  3. you can apply for commission to AGC as a Ssgt if transfer across last time i heard not sure if it is true but i know a tiffy who was in process of trying to do so (i got posted so dont know the outcome) but they have to be minimum of WO2 within their corps.
  4. You should learn how to spell Corps before you apply mate.
    The singular of Corps is Corps.

    Once you master it, AGC is pretty good apparently, the AQ from 1 LI in 2002/3 went that way and was enjoying it apparently.

    Not much point staying REME, most LE officers I have spoke to reckon it's dog toffee as they end up being Welfare Officer or RCMO - a great way to use the expertise gained over 20 years.

    Just my view - make your own mind up....
  5. Has anyone looked at the RLC for commissioning?
  6. The RLC only take RLC WO1s. Competition is fierce with over 70 WO1 being filtered for 25 or so places. Think again.
  7. Thanks for that adivce :D
  8. Spanner_Monkeyuk have you got a degree?? If so then a few REME blokes commission into ETS. Within that branch you get plenty of time with troops, all be it in the clasroom, but that means plenty of chat/banter and none of the G1 Discipline nause!

    Loads of scope for personal development with PGCE (fully funded) and potentially a Masters (fully funded). A couple of tours as an Instructor which could also include a spell as Coy 2ic at a Ph 2 Trg Establishment, then OIC of a small centre etc etc etc

    Just a thought and it's very different to the usual MTO, QM(T), RCMO, Welfare blah blah.....

    No, it's not perticularly sexy but it seems a good job.
  9. No I have no got a degree, but thanks for another avenue
  10. The AGC run a 3 day event which is a Tiffy board for the old and bold, but don't let that kid you, start off with a PFT! Essay writing, rock hard dilemma, lecturette, assault course, command tasks, evening drinks in the Offrs mess interview in front of 3 senior offrs. They also do not fill up all the places if they do not have the right guys, it seems as though they would rather leave empty posts than commission the wrong person.

    Who would want to go to the RLC, served with them once, never wish to again! The only thing that was good about them was they made everyone else look better!

    I understand that the RE are in the same situation as us, no one really wants it! There was a REME ASM got accepted last year who i believe took up the offer, the year before there was another who was accepted by REME and RE, he stayed with the REME (maybe he is regretting it?).

    The AMS is another option, however they have very few places and always seem to be well subscribed, quite good considering they are always on tour (but these days who isn't?)

    I have been looking everywhere for the DIN on the Women’s Auxiliary Balloon Corps with no luck!
  11. About 30 spaces a year available within the REME for LE Commissions. New process this year, with interview boards being held at REME Arms School in Oct? along the same lines as the DE commission boards, with the same board composition (2 x Col and 1 x Brig).

    Seen some REME's tfr across to AGC - a popular option, a few I know have tfrd to their host regiment (eg RDG, SDG, RA). Also seen some familiar faces now sporting RAF bar codes.
    So, quite a few options available to you should you wish.

    Good luck.
  12. Looks like staying within the Corp is the way ahead, even if you end up working as a RCMO.
  13. Still can't spell then!
  14. Thanks for that great advice.
  15. I think it's more of an observation than advice.

    Definately not commissioning material old boy....