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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Jan_van_Riebeek, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Hi guys just looking for some advice, i.e. what would you do. Anyone that has experience of these places your input would also be valuable.

    I am a newly qualified recruit who has a unique opportunity to go on a tour later this year due to my work contract ending and it fitting into my life plans really nicely, so I am raring to go. I want to do a Tour to Herrick/Telic in 2010, so at the moment I am considering either Op Occulus or Op Tosca (Kosovo or Cyprus). I know a lot of people are going to say that these arent real tours bla bla bla; yes I agree compared to the hardships of the other tours that these are easy, however you have to start somewhere and this is the first of many tours.

    So the question is, if you had the choice of deploying with your Regt as a TA formed unit and doing an untraded job (i.e. clerk work etc) on Tosca or going and doing a traded job that would count as work experience for your civvy job too on Occulus, which would you choose.

    From my point of view Occulus has all the plusses, however it is very seldom that a TA unit deploys as a whole, and to miss something as big as this and the esprit de corps that will form as a result of serving together for 6 months would be a shame.

    Adult/mature responses welcomed :)
  2. Why not do both?
  3. Is Oculus available???? thought it was mainly Sarejevo and Kosovo based.

    Telic is a good start for you to consider, know of 4 lads did summer challenge then volunteered for Telic.

    Herrick is screaming for bods, so ask your PSI for advice as he is able to tell you which option is good for you to ponder.
  4. how would you go about volunteering
  5. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to your Tp Comd.

  6. Bit late for Tosca surely, they've already done about 4 weekends
  7. Your right Mong, 3 down 2 to go. Although given the nature of the TA beast, I wouldn't be surprised if there was a last minute trawl.

    Cmd Rab, keep your ears open. I believe the TA will be manning other TOSCAs in the future.
  8. for the purposes of this thread, can we assume that I have the choice of either tosca or occulus at this very moment - thanks for the comments though guys, all other welcome

  9. I can't imagine Tosca being particularly enthralling, although I suppose since its a UN tour you'll meet some different people?
  10. Whichever medal's coolest.
  11. Volunteering didn't work for me....

    Good luck.

    Kos is probably ther easiest to get on for Sigs....
  12. TOSCA is being headed up by a Signal Regt. And you guys do comms :wink:
  13. 697 Sig Tp in Kosovo is a TA Tp (with a few Regs if there are problems filling from a particular trade). The next one deploys at the end of Oct so CVHQ will start selecting very soon - you need to ring them to have a chat, but definately a cracking tour to go on! I had an awesome time out there.
  14. Where did you hear that lol :D
  15. Does anyone know if they are taking any more volunteers for TOSCA? I know I've left it a bit late but if anyone does have any info/contacts I'd be grateful.