Advice on changing chosen roles.

Evening, this is my first post on here.
I've passed the recruitment process and I was allocated a phase 1 date for last Monday but due to Capita's incompetence I was removed from said intake 3 days before it started. Some muppet not signing my medical forms on time after me paying through the nose to get them in 4 days before the deadline and packing in my job on their instruction and now have to wait out indefinitely! Anyway, I digress.

Basically, I was joining the Royal Artillery as an observer, hoping to join 148 battery one day, if they survived that is, but after the Royal cock up that has been made I've been considering following the infantry career path and joining the Royal Regiment of Scotland.

I understand passing the courses isn't a foregone conclusion but In the future I'm hoping to progress on to a specialised unconventional type role, if I make it through phase 1 and 2 that is but I'm swithering on what route to take.

The infantry route is more physically demanding off the mark and being a native of the Buckfast Triangle the RRoS is a natural path. Maybe progressing onto something like the Pathfinders.
What I've heard and researched about Pirbright with the artillery I'd need to wait to Phase 2 to get any demanding phys in, well according to a mate of mine who's been through Pirbright.
If I change my job to infantry I'll be around lads from my area and could be based near my home but if I go down the artillery route there are opportunities like the Commando Course, p coy and 4/73 later down the line.

What role would be best to get the experience and fitness under my belt to progress on to the more specialised roles? I'd like to experience more with my career then being stuck in barracks with the odd exercise which I assume is the way it'll be for the foreseeable with Afghanistan winding down but I stand to be corrected.

Many thanks for any insights or advice.

Why not join the parachute regiment if your looking for demanding phys as well as moving onto greater things?

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I'd never really considered the Para's, I don't know if I'd fit into the overly aggressive way of doing things. I'm pretty robust physically and I think I'd be able to cope with the phys, on my intake to Pirbright, among the lads on the Facebook group I was among the top 10% physically but i don't think crazy amounts of aggression is my thing. They are nails but I don't think it's for me.
But I'm just a civvie, I could be totally wrong.

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Without wishing to be too flippant, what do you think the soldiers in the SCOTS Bn do? Tip toe through the tulips before sitting down and discussing crochet patterns? All Inf work requires aggression!

Perhaps the first issue is for you to consider why the sudden change of heart from RA to Inf. do you really not want to go down the gunner/observer route or is it just a knee jerk reaction to the problems with your application.

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