Advice on Car Insurance needed

Right, where to start.

Long story short ... car broken into the thieving scum have taken the stereo which is a VW factory fitted system. The insurance policy I took out has been spot on except for the fact that they contract all audio replacements out to a company who cannot supply a system which is a factory fitted jobby.

They have sent me a very nice Kenwood all singing and dancing system but

a) - it will look pants because it is not the same size as the FF system therefore needs to have loads of crap plastic inserts fitted to bridge the gaps.

b) the colour is not the same as the rest of the illuminated instruments so will aesthetically look parp.

Can I demand that they fit a VW system as my car is being repaired by the dealer already, and the cost of the replacement is well within the replacement cost provided under my insurance policy. When I spoke to the agent on the phone 2 days ago she was trying to find out as both her and her supervisor said it wasn't possible but they would get back to me. Sounds crap to me.

My other concern is that if they fit a non-standard system will this affect future policies as the stereo will no longer be classed as standard, therefore has been modified.

The policy itself doesn't state anything about the replacements, only that I am covered up to xxxx and it's new for old.

Any help/sensible comments greatly appreciated.


Unless it states explicitly on the policy document and that you had the opportunity to read that document before paying that they will only use XYZ Ltd to repair/replace car stereos they will HAVE to place you back in the position before the toe-rag had it away with your stereo.

Insist on a replacement OEM stereo or it will reduce the value of your car. If they argue quote the Unfair Contract Terms Act and ask for the complaints procedure and the Insurance Ombudsman contact details - that should get their attention!

That their agent cannot source the correct stereo is not your problem but theirs. Their agent could pay your repairing dealer direct, so they really aren't trying. Send the Kenwood back with a letter explaining that it is neither suitable nor appropriate, copy in the insurance company and remind them of their obligation to repair the car to original specification.
Thanks Jeremy,

Very helpful, the contracted co. are coming to collect the Stereo this week, they themselves have said that they think it is well within my rights to have an exact replacement fitted.

Will get back on to the Insurers tomorrow armed with a little bit of ammunition.

Cheers mate

how cheap would it be to buy a original stereo off a scrapper?

is it less than you would get for the kenwood on ebay?
To be honest I probably could get one from a scrapper - but at the moment I'm not in a position of trailing round scrap dealers to source one. I have seen them advertised on flea-bay but not exactly a reasonable price for a 2nd hand system with no guarantees it is in full working order.

The car has to have the doors resprayed, electrics re-done and locks changed so may as well get the dealer to refit the stereo system - as that is what I'm paying my hard earned for.

Still waiting for a definitive yes or no in respect of having the dealer refit one but after seeking and receiving some good advice I don't think they can refuse.


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