Advice on buying an air rifle

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by diehard57, Feb 15, 2008.

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  1. Number 2 son has saved up his money from his part time job and wants to buy an air rifle for 'plinking' cans in the back garden - he has his sights (no pun intended) on the SMK XS78 CO2 Air Rifle - anyone got one of these? I've seen mainly good reviews on a number of web sites about this weapon but would welcome any advice from fellow ARRSERS. Cheers in advance.
  2. diehard, read this first old chap just in case. The rules have changed a bit

    The Airgun Law

  3. how about anything really cheap so he doesn't lose too much money when its banned? :(
  4. Amongst other assorted grap I have a cheap Chinese Co2 bolt action type air rifles (I know lots of contradictions in there) bought from the local fishing shop, initially bought for the step son to try his hand with.
    Not particularly powerful but accurate enough for plinking and quite good fun. Just open the breech, pop a pellet in and shoot away.
    At the time he struggled with a break action because he was only a little fella, ideal for back garden fun and cheap at about £60 (one of these I think )
  5. That particular model is a "realistic firearm". Basically, your son has to become a walt softer to be in a club to have a reason to buy it legally. If your son wants to buy a air rifle that is as powerful but doesn't want to walt up, he will need a 2 tone rifle. These are as powerful, but they are colored in to not look real and can be easily identified as a imitation firearm.

    However, I cannot find a 2 tone on that model. Infact, I can't find 2 tone co2 rifles. However, there are 2 tone spring rifles here.
    Spring rifles are less powerful, but the rifle your son has his eyes on will dig a pellet into your skin at 50 foot, not completely ideal for plinking cans. the rifles there are around 350fps, good enough for plinking cans, but not exactly 500 fps.

    If he does want the rifle you have stated, he has to go to a "skirmish" (airsoft terms for a area to act like soldiers) 3 times in less than 2 months (hiring a gun there) and then register with them. But that will cost a extra ~£80 (rental and registration and cost for actually going).

    So yeh... I don't airsoft, I've just wanted a rifle of my own for doing the same thing so i've had to research all that crap.
  6. nah nah we now you really dress up as a black hawk omega commando at weekends :twisted: :D
  7. With a bright green rifle... yeah...
    Just wait till I tell captain McMillan that you said I was omega... Jeez those guys suck. :roll:
  8. I've got an old break-action BSA air rifle somewhere in my garage: am I breaking the law by not being an airsofting twonk?
  9. Good God.
    What has this bloody country come too?
    Have to jump through legal hops to go plinking with an air rifle these days?

    Thats'll really piss off the idiots running round Manchester and Liverpool with real firearms then
  10. Possibly I am incorrect, but its what I've read. Tom, I think if you don't use it in public it's OK as they won't know. It's more of a buying the rifles now are illegal if they are realistic.

    If I am wrong, please accept my apology but I am sure I am correct to some extent.
  11. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    Are you insane?
    Putting deadly weapons of death and destruction, deadly, gun of death [etc etc] in the hands of a child?
    How long before he plays an illegal 18+ game on his PC and goes on a rampage of death and destruction and through his school, killing and maiming innocent children, murdering teachers (who are also mostly part-time charity workers) and bringing terror to your once peaceful community?

    You should be ashamed.....
  12. Got one just after Christmas. Great fun but works out expensive on CO2.

    The law is now fearsome if he is under 18. Can't buy a rifle or pellets or have rifle or pellets bought for him.
  13. Looks like that's the way things are and will continue to get worse.

    Interesting how they've tightened up the unlicensed stuff. See they've got rid of mail order and you have to be a RFD to sell them, which probably cut out a lot of traders who didn't want the hassle. Turn the screw further. I notice this govt likes to talk about the benefits shooting brings to the country whilst making it harder and harder to participate.