Advice on buying a property in Hawick (Scottish Borders)


@Busterdog Yup, I made a note of that shop as a potential source of fine gentlemen's apparel, as I wandered around the town. The missus spotted some rather fetching knee-high leather boots in another shop and dropped a hint.
Pics of the missus in those boots please, its the law, just the boots mind!:p


what looked like a few decent pubs.
In every town in Scotland their seems to be a good spread of pubs, ones which would qualify as a Boston Bar to real ale sorts that wouldn't be out of place in the home counties. There is always a Clansman look a like usually identifiable by whitewashed exterior and the big T sign.
Not bought them yet - maybe a house warming party present! :)
You hedging your bets with one house in England (I assume) and one in Scotland?
We have a flat in London which has been our UK pied-a-terre over the past several years when we've had jobs overseas. We are keeping that for flexibility - perhaps I'll end up weekend commuting or we can lease it out for additional income. Wrong time to sell given uncertainty over Brexit and the downturn in the London housing market. As regards longer term, I can now really see Scotland having a successful independence referendum post Brexit (and the re-unification of Ireland as well). So we may end up owning property in two separate countries.
Throw in free college education (?) and it does start sounding good...maybe.
Not holding my breath on that as it is another eighteen years before Sunray Minor reaches that age. But if it's still there, it's an added bonus.
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