Advice on BP revolver

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by Drlligaf, Feb 11, 2009.

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  1. I am contemplating buying a BP revolver,but am not sure which model to go for, as I would shoot local competitions with it I would need to get something reasonably good. The Pietta Remington 1858 seems OK. Does any one have any experience with Pietta products or Pedersolis?
  2. Petersoli is usually considered superior to Pietta...

    As to which, the choice is really up to you. I always prefer a closed frame design such as the Remington or the Rogers and Spencer. The Colts look nice, but the guys in our club that shoot them are forever stripping them and bashing them to keep them tight.
  3. old_fat_and_hairy

    old_fat_and_hairy LE Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    I had a Uberti Remington .44 Lovely piece and a joy to shoot. A bugger to clean though. As said, closed frame are much better.
  4. Superior in terms of accuracy or something else?

    I too prefer closed frame designs, Colt looks good, but the lack of the top strap is somehow disturbing.

    Thanks for the tips.
  5. The pedersoli Rogers & Spencer are reputed to be very good but I have no personal experience. I used to play with a repro Remy '58 but just for fun.
  6. Rogers and Spencer by far the easiest to reload, nicer to hold, good to shoot.I use a uberti .44 remington stainless. easy to clean.Grips off into hot soapy water scrub, dry, wd 40, done. but its a bugger to recap especially with cold fingers Ive remmoved some metal from the nipple recess to ease recapping, but its still a pain. I,m getting a variation for another .44 Rogers and Spencer this time.
  7. When I dragged out my catalogue to get a price on the Rogers and Spencer my piggybank went AWOL. I think maybe I will have go for something a shade cheaper.
  8. That is indeed the only yet quite substantial down-side of the R&S.....
  9. Sorry to bring this one back into the limelight.
    I'm also looking to purchase a .44 BP revolver & i may get a slagging but i have allways had a hankering for a colt army.
    Does anyone know of any dealers ( UK ) that have got any good condition s/hand examples at the moment ?
    cheers .....
  10. I owned a Ruger "Old Army" for a number of years, whilst not an exact copy of anything in particular I believe it was modeled after the Remington-Beals military revolver of 1858.
    I loved it, although after losing my Smith & Wesson 686 pistol shooting was never the same and I moved on to long arms.
    I did require a couple of spares for it and Viking Arms sent them out FOC, good service I reckon.
  11. I think the new Petersoli Remington is worth a look...

    otherwise a Remington repro from one of the other makers. Unless you have a very good reason, I would keep away from the Colts or any other non top strappers if you actually want to shoot the thing..

    If it is good shooting you are after, have you considered a single shot muzzle loader? Some of the modern designs are really quite interesting... A guy shoots an ML version of the Thompson Centre Contender pistol at our club.. very impressive, (although not my cup of tea...)