Advice on ankle sprain - what is best, rest or exercise?

I am so feckin' annoyed!!! Just as I am stepping up my training, this goes and happens.

Went out for a run last night and went over on a kerb and have hurt my ankle. Last time this happened (on my other one) it was probably a year before it felt fully normal again.

I was just wondering what peoples views were in terms of getting better quick. If I rest it, it stiffens up and takes a while to get going again, however if I keep moving, the stiffness and the pain reduces. Am I best to keep it moving or is total rest the way to go?

I am sure it is just a sprain, no really bad swelling etc.. Any advice on fastest route to recovery appreciated.


E_C :x
Get it checked out, thought I'd sprained mine parachuting once, tabbed on it for miles, turned out it was fractured. Have had lots of issues with it since.

I find that the cross trainer is a good way of training for CV without any impact on the jopints.
Yeah, I will get it checked in the morning - I knew that I should but hate seeing the quack, but good advice really TCM. It is one of those things that "you know you should" do but often don't - Testosterone has a lot to answer for!!


Had it checked this morning - pleased to say it is just a sprain. Advice is to keep it moving, but not doing something to jar it again. Cycling and swimming for me for a while, then back to gentle running in a couple of weeks.

Still totally pi55ed off!!!


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