Advice on Alt berg Sneekers


Hello new guy here. Just after some advice on a boot.

I know most people belive altbergs are the dogs so i was wondering if any one has a pair of the Sneekers.


The boots are the ones in the above link can any one reccomend them give any advice or offer a alternitive?

I will be using them mainly for TA general use nothing to hard core and some ACF work.

Thanks for any help. :thumright:


Links working for me mate i was looking at the on the John Bull site. Ive read both write ups on both web sites (johnbull and Alt berg) I was just after advice form some one who actually uses them really.


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Never used the Sneeker but I strongly recommend Defenders (another Altberg type). I currently use the Microlite version and it is outstanding, both for tabbing and general field work (whatever that may be!).