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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Killaloe, May 21, 2009.

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  1. Need to get a new 2nd PC for the house as sometimes we all want to use it at the same time.

    Have a budget of about £800 had a quick look in PC World today at a few HP Machines (my current PC is HP and have had no dramas in 4 yrs)

    The 'hardest' useage of resources is probably going to be my son & I using Microsoft Flight Sim X. According to the box case you need a min of 32MB of Graphics Memory & direct 9.0 ????

    FSX runs a a wee bit slow. The PC World guy said that for a flight sim you need at least 512mb of graphics memory & 4GB of RAM.

    Have had a look at & a few online retailers who seem to be a wee bit cheaper than PC World. I bought my last PC on the mainland from Comet whilst on a course. They don't deliver to NI & have no branches over here.

    The other option I thought about was a laptop and then getting a separate 22" Flat Screen Monitor and wireless keyboard and mouse which would keep the study tidy and allow the kids to use the laptop round the house to do homework and play their kiddie games and write stories etc.

    Our next door neighbour has some cables that lets him put his laptop into his big Plasma Screen TV. We have great fun once a month and have class You Tube party which is great craic.

    Am a bit of an IT Biff & luddite with technology so any pointers would be welcome.

    Would a laptop have a decent graphics card to drive a big 22" monitor or do they have a low resolution graphics card.

    Also could I run two machines through my wireless hub ? At the moment I have a wireless hub but use a PATCH Cable as one of the siggys told me that it is faster than wireless. Could I use the wireless laptop or new desktop at the same time & I guess the speed would be halved ?

    Also what does dual core mean ???

    Thanks in advance
  2. Buy a Mac instead less viruses all round
  3. Thought about it mate was in the Mac Store at the weekend & they were uber sexy machines but we are all sadly Windows generation also don't think there are any decent Flight Sims for a Mac. It would probably be difficult to have two different operating systems in the house with wifey & three kids. The youngest is quite wee and is doing grand on her barbie/horsey/princess type kiddie sites and is gaining confidence in word and writing stories etc. (Plus the fact I am too old to learn new tricks)
  4. PM Blue Sophist he will explain it better, granted the mac game range is not as big as PC but they do have a lot of good stuff to play for all ages.
  5. TS - Cheers buddy
  6. Have you seen this custom built one on Ebay, get in quick, just over an hour left.
  7. Many thanks just looked at the spec & quick maths tells me that this over double the spec of any machine I have seen in PC World or online at Dabs and at a decent price. He has decent feedback of 98.7% never thought of eBay.
  8. You can get a decent Intel Quad Core with a pretty decent ATI gfx card from the Dell Outlet site for under £600. Then just go and buy a seperate decent monitor. Years guarentee too.

    It's quite a bit better than that eBay one with it's AMD phenom processor and 9500GT (ancient) card.!1515738324!1282656040!1242931295681#inventoryTable

    edit: they have pretty decent laptops too - look under Vostro and 256 GFX cards
  9. That will always be the case. When I was looking for a new computer I was told not to bother with them. I ended up getting a decent Notebook for £700 which would have been £1200 at PC World! If you don't get this one on eBay just keep looking on the Internet. Eventually you'll decide what machine you want and then you can find the best deal for it.
  10. Firstly, most modems have LAN ports in the back that allow you to run multiple machines off the back of one connection.

    Secondly your PC world contact is correct to a point. A 512MB GPU (Graphic Proccesing Unit or Graphic Card) and 4 GB of RAM (RAndom Access Memory or just plain memory) is required to play Microsoft Flight Sim X.

    What the guy isnt telling you is that Windows Vista 32 will not recognise more than 3Gb(Gigabytes) of RAM and although Windows Vista 64 will, the drivers(the software required to run hardware in the windows enviroment) for certain hardware can be a bit crap.

    I would recommend the following components for a decent gaming rig and try to get your local PC guru to build it for a few crates of beer.

    Motherboard (The bit that everything plugs into) ASUS P5N-E SLI £62 found on
    CPU (Central Proccesiing Unit the number cruncher) Intel Core 2 Duo E7200 £85 found on
    GPU (Handles the pretty moving bits) AMD Radeon HD 4850 £114 (good for up to 20inch screen)
    RAM(Memory)OCZ PC2-6400C £25 found at
    HDD(Hard Disk Drive stores all your data) £43 found at
    Cases(Shiny box where everything lives)Antec Three Hundred £45 found at
    Monitor Hanns-G HW191D-SB-F £105 19" by the way £105 and found at
    PSU(Power Supply unit) Antec Earthwatts 500W £53 found at
    DVD Drives can be picked up for as cheap as £15, have a look round
    Mouse and keyboard can be bought for as little as £60 for the pair and still be good quality.
    Speakers can bought really cheap but it really depends if you want to play music through them or just listen to th SFX on your games.

    All for around £600 less P&P.
    A few things to think about though.

    (1) A genuine copy of windows Vista 32 or XP 32 can set you back between £80 and £100.
    (2) 4 GB of RAM can still be installed and run on XP/Vista 32 but it will only recognise a little over 3Gb(there are some tweaks that can be done to windows but there not ideal and can cause system instability if not done correctly)
    (3) A gaming laptop will, in my experience, cost more than a gaming desktop.
    (4) Dual core means that instead of one guy battering through a message in Batco you have two guys taking half the message each and decyphering it at the same time.(hope that makes sense) Quad cores are all the rage at the moment but there is very little software out there at the moment that can make use of it unless you are into video editing that is.

    *Disclaimer:- I am not a PC guru or trained in any way. I have just built lots of PCs and sorted out quite a few minor dramas that people have had using the experience I have had over the last 16 years of PC use.

    Any questions dont hesitate to Pm or post.

    Regards D
  11. Gentleman thanks very much for the advice it is appreciated. K
  12. Try Novatech

    I got a system from them about two months ago and its very good. Quad core, 1Gb ATi 4870 graphic card, 500Gb HD all for a little over £500. It runs any and everything I want (do lots of graphics stuff). Worth giving them a look.

    BTW, it runs FSX at the highest settings and still returns over 60+fps. ;) rFactor chucks out about 140+fps.
  13. What is the ATi card like ?

    Havent had much experience with it as I have always stuck with Nvidia myself but I am thinking of building an AMD based system.

    What sort of games (if any) do you run and at what resolutions ? (Ok just read your post properly so scrap that one )
    Can you max any of the settings out in game also ?
    How is the driver suppourt as Nvidia have gone down hill in the last couple of years.
  14. The ATi card is very good from what I've seen so far. Quicker than a scouser in an M3 and as smooth as a 12 year old choir boys arse. My laptop had an Nvidia but it decided to do a 'Hal' and set light to the motherboard.

    As for games? Don't really play them much as I'm a grown up but as I previously stated, MS FSX and rFactor run like a dream.

    Not really needed any support as yet but from what I can gather, ATi (or whoever actually build the card) seem to be ok.

    As for screen rez? As big as it'll fucking go. :D 1680x1050