Advice on a free DNS (DDNS) provider

Looking to run a few IP cameras at my abode. Currently I use Panasonic IP cameras that provide an easy set up log-in but I have been looking at outside cams and Panasonic are a bit pricey.
A static DNS would be a good option but I hear this can be a security problem.
My other route would be configuring the cams over a third party DNS but being a cheap skate I'm looking for free stuff or cheap at least. Any suggestions?
Ta. Have you used it?
This is what I like about arrse. People point you to the questions you should be asking.
Cabana - my point was that some ISPs (eg mine) in theory have a policy of dynamic IPs from their DHCP pool, but in practice, they don't change. My ISP issues a "dynamic" IP against my router's MAC address, and the one time about 5 years ago I got a new router, my IP address did change. It hasn't changed since, despite numerous power outages etc.

So if the OP's ISP has a similar policy, then there's no practical need to pay for a static IP address. If I asked my ISP, they would say it is a dynamic IP, but you can have a static one (actually a block of 8, and it costs!). I have my theoretically dynamic IP address in the global DNS system against a couple of domains, and have had no problems over the last 5 years. If it does change at some point, I can either set up DDNS, pay for a static one, or just update the nameservers to point to the new IP. Obviously the last choice isn't going to work if they start frequently changing it.

Of course not all ISPs have this policy & they may change daily, or even hourly. Lucky old me. For now.

I know the point you were trying to make which is why I said some charge. As you say, not all ISPs are like yours and give people a "permanent" DHCP IP address, which is why I said the OP should contact his ISP to find out what they do. Personally I would be inclined to use a free DDNS provider such as the one I pointed out earlier so he does not have a problem should his ISP provide him a DHCP address that lasts a day or a year.

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