Advice on a free DNS (DDNS) provider

Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by BONNACON, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. Looking to run a few IP cameras at my abode. Currently I use Panasonic IP cameras that provide an easy set up log-in but I have been looking at outside cams and Panasonic are a bit pricey.
    A static DNS would be a good option but I hear this can be a security problem.
    My other route would be configuring the cams over a third party DNS but being a cheap skate I'm looking for free stuff or cheap at least. Any suggestions?
  2. Ta. Have you used it?
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  3. This is what I like about arrse. People point you to the questions you should be asking.
  4. Most/Some ISPs charge for static ip addresses. If you are willing to pay for a static one then go for it. Personally if you are just running cameras, I wouldn't pay for one. Best thing to do is to check with your ISP to see what they provide.

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  5. I know the point you were trying to make which is why I said some charge. As you say, not all ISPs are like yours and give people a "permanent" DHCP IP address, which is why I said the OP should contact his ISP to find out what they do. Personally I would be inclined to use a free DDNS provider such as the one I pointed out earlier so he does not have a problem should his ISP provide him a DHCP address that lasts a day or a year.

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  6. Been using it for a few years. My ISP doesn't often change my IP, but when they do, there's no warning. Prior to Dyndns this would take down all my domains, sites and mail server.