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How do,
i've searched the forum but couldn't find anything that answers my particular problem, so i'm gonna take my chances.

I've recently developed a shin problem. When running my shins feel like they're swelling up (it's the same sensation people get when tabbing, which is cleared by flicking the toes) i know it's not shin splints because if i stop and stretch my shins it clears up, although it comes back if i continue running.

It started about4 weeks ago and just came out of the blue, it was so bad i couldn't continue running. It was pretty bad for the next couple of weeks, even when doing circuit training.

I rested for a few day and it hasn't given me any trouble on circuit training, so i went for a run (3.5 miles) and it wasn't painful just annoying.

It doesn't hurt on tabs or when i'm walking around at work, and if i stop running it goes within 1 or 2 minutes. Has anyone experienced anything like this before? or have any tips on how to prevent this from happening?

Also i have been downgraded for a few months, could it be down to the fact i haven't done much impact pt and just need to get used to running again?
I've had exactly the same problem, came right out of the blue during circuit training & progressively got worse. Took a year off from circuits and running in general and now in the last six months started running. This week I started circuits and I felt the same, but much less servere pain.

Any help would be appreciated.
The way you describe your shins feel as thought they are swelling up, could indicate compartment syndrome more of a "splint". Compartment syndrome is when the sheath in the shin gets to big and causes pressure to build up inside the shin. There are loads of sites on compartment syndrome, although in severe cases it requires surgery. Do not quote me on this, a professional diagnosis is more vauluable than that off a 16 year old runners one.

MetalPygmy is your pain the same as crow_bag's?
As above, it seems like a you have shin splints, i suggest taking a break from strenuous exersise untill it feel abit better, then build up fitness slowly to prevent further injury.
I run about 10km every day and every so often, I get a pain in my shins. Drove the MO nuts trying to source what it was. Turned out it was my shoes.

Quite by accident in trying to figure ot what was wrong, I switched brands of shoes, got a better fit and presto, the shin pains went away. The pain comes back when it's time to ditch the shoes and get a new pair.

Apparently the mechanics of my feet and legs require a shoe that doesn't allow for the ball of the foot to move from side to side (which my old shoes allowed too much of - hence the pain)

After you get yourself checked by the MO, check out your shoes for a proper fit/or whether they just need replaced from being worn out.
if the pain is in the inside of your shin thers a good chance its shin splint. if its on the outside then your not running properly and are overworking the muscle. i forget what its called but concentrate on running through your big toe (push off with your big toe rather than all of them). this is what i was told by my physio and it soon cleared up!

good luck


EX_STAB said:
Ask your MO!
I orignally didn't htink it was that bad but after cioy pt this morning and walking like a spastic all day i think it might be time for another visit to the doc.

I do have decent running shoes with sorbothene insoles in, but i reckon it looks like like i'll be back in rehab again.

Cheers for the replies.

It could be a number of things mate. Worn out or ill fitting trainers/boots, bad biomechanics, collapsed arches, increasing your fitness regime too quickly or as 5.56mm said, in the worst case compartment syndrome!!

Sorbothanes whilst great insoles, done bugger all for me - I needed specially made orthotics, which have made an unbelieveable difference.

Personally before anything else Id go and visit a podiatrist (not fcking NHS though - from experience, a complete waste of time) and have a biomechanical assesment done (around £70). They will analyse your running gait, foot strike, posture etc etc and have custom orthotics made for you in about a week (costs between £100-£200 normally, but you only get one pair of feet!!)

Between now and then, follow the advice on the docs Ive attached and dont push yourself too hard when doing phys. My new insoles instantly cured the pain of shin splints, but because Id pushed myself too hard before I got them, I ended up with an injury which still niggles away at me.

Good luck and PM me if you need to know anything else mate.





thanks for the info, very helpful. I've got to wait a week to see the MO as im on leave. May go and see a podiatrist though, and get some new trainers, mine are getting on a bit now.
crow_bag said:
thanks for the info, very helpful. I've got to wait a week to see the MO as im on leave. May go and see a podiatrist though, and get some new trainers, mine are getting on a bit now.
Honestly mate, I cant recommend seeing a podiatrist enough. I struggled with shin pain though running and tabbing and eventually even walking - I tried everything and whilst the pain eased, it never stopped until I got the insoles. It was instant relief as soon as I put them in.

Dont get me wrong its fcking expensive, but a new set of tyres for the car is about 300 quid. Given our line of work, this is the same kind of thing!!

If you do get orthotic insoles you will need neutral cushioned shoes (dont use stability shoes as it will over correct your gait). Here is a good deal if/when you get to that stage mate.

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