advice of the application process

hi guys/ladies,

i;m wanting ,some advice if possible upon what the ta application process is and how long till a acceptance to recriut weekend .

reason being i sent my app bowt 4 weeks ago , missed out the nhs num and birth cirt num ,gt them now ! also as mentiond before had conv bowt 5 years ago will tht stop my application being accepted .

any advice and comments very much appriciated.

many thanks.

white cliffs of dover. :oops:
Firstly - No idea about "conv" suppose it all depends on what its for.

As for recruiting units and even squadrons/companys tend to differ.

Where I'm based I had TAFFS one a week after attending my first drill night, thats really just selection in civvy clothes and death by powerpoint.

TAFFS 2 is your first weekend in the field and in order to get on this you need to have passed your medical and been attested and gained security clearance.

The third stage (depending on which corps your in) is 4 weeks (7 for infantry I think) at your local Regional Training Centre (RTC) In my case Exeter. I'm halfway through this now.

Finally you attend a two week CMSR Common Military Syllabus Recruits with the regular army at either Catterick, Bassingbourn, winchester or Grantham. Here you will pass out and become a proper soldier (well part time anyway!) Or you could just pass out as i probably will lol!

Then back to your unit to await being sent on trade training.

Oh and btw it takes about another two months from being attested to getting your kit so u will be begging borrowing and stealing kit in between if your unlucky enough to have a TAFFs weekend in between.

Hope this helps
Whitecliffsofdover - if you write like this all the time, then I doubt if you will get past the paper stage - now, be a good chap, go away and write properly without pseudo short hand abreviations!
Jesus f*cking christ man. Learn to write properly. That'll set you in a much better stead.

In responce to your question (what I understood of it anyway); your best bet is to speak to the unit in question. They will be able to contact the relevant people and find out where your paperwork is and how it is progressing.

I'm surprised they haven't invited you to start attending the drill nights.

I've no idea what you mean by "conv". Perhaps you could elaborate?

Tpr_Trinny: Perhaps you should raise the issue that you felt there was too much powerpoint? The TAFFS (1 and 2) subjects are dull enough without someone reading off of a projector all weekend.
StabTiffy - TAFFS 1 was blindingly boring but nothing compared to death by skill at arms, 16 hours worth!! Made much more irritating as I had a right Jarhead in my group who kept banging charged magazines against his head!! The instructor went mental!!! Funny as you like.
Consider yourself lucky you live on the mainland (I'm guessing.) I signed up to the TA early in 2005 when I was 16 and it took 5 months for my security clearance to come through because I live in Northern Ireland. From what I hear it's very quick in the mainland.
yeah its ok if your not considered abnormal!! My mate in the sqn waited the same because her dads irish, think they thought she was a terrorist!
tpr_trinny said:
yeah its ok if your not considered abnormal!! My mate in the sqn waited the same because her dads irish, think they thought she was a terrorist!
TT I take it you and your mate are in the RWxY. Females going to RAC/Inf cap badged units can also take a long time if not AGC/RLC attached because Glasgow doesn't recognise females in RAC/Inf units and can take (from what I gather) a long time.
yup RWxY. When I joined I think they had to write off and say I was RLC and then once I'd been issued a number, write in again to say that I was actually RAC. It's a silly system really.

Not sure what I'm going to specialise in yet (definately wont be becoming the sqns PTI!!!) Any advice you can give?
trinny I have PM'd you
I havent received it yet?
OK it should work now

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