advice not needed! unless you want to?

Hi, I am in the process of joining the Royal Artillery I am waiting for a selection weekend date. I have always weight lifted (not body building ) and I have always trained in something. I am worried that I will be overweight to join, I stopped smoking about 5 years ago and put on 2 stone now i'm 5'5 and my weight is 13 stone, I am worried my BMI will let me down.
The recruiting sergeant at the barracks said don't worry just concentrate on my run, I am running daily cutting down on silly foods and drink.

Im just worried about the BMI.

I have always wanted a career as a reg and through family problems, kids and other crazy things i'm now 35 and aiming for the TA.

I hate the word STAB!

I would have loved to join the inf but at my age and with IT qualifications i'm looking at other options like RA.

do the regs really hate the TA?

is it banter? are they not playing on the same team?

anyway who gives a flying doo doo

Joking aside, you seem to be throwing a shit fit over the use of the word 'STAB', if you can't handle that one word how on earth do you think you'll manage a career in either the regular or territorial army? If you can't take a joke than think again. You are overweight in my humble opinion and if I were you I would get on top of that before you go anywhere near selection. Good luck though, if you want it I'm sure you'll get there eventually.


I was underweight when I joined (Oz) but was quite fit. They just declared me fit at that weight and in I went.

Ironic now that I'm 5'9 and 18 stone. :)
(wah shield on) BMI is a basic guide, if you are of a build that will never be in the accepted bracket there are ways of getting in. A 203 may be required, which is anything outside the accepted parameters for enlistment. They'll take chest and waist measurements along with your height and weight and someone else will look at it and decide.

With selection be sure that your going to pass the fitness tests especially, as you don't want to be defered for 3-6 months when you could hold off for a month to get fitter. You should have been informed of the standards required. Our selection centre has introduced the new tests last month.

But there will be no need to worry about that if the word STAB winds you up, may aswell not bother. There will be worse things than that to worry about. (wah shield off)

If you want to do Inf whats stopping you, just because you've got IT quals? You might be suprised who you find as TA Infanteers. Do what you want to do, not what someone else does.

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