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...right so

no WAH before i start, i expect i'll get shit though, but hopefully some advice too, i've searched on the forum, i've lurked for a while but i haven't find the answer so far

10years ago in my early 20's whilst living in a shared house, the girl i was seeing fucked me over & started screwing my housemate(next bedroom, classy!). we also all worked together so i got to see them virtually every hour of every day, joy!

at home continually hearing them shagging every 10minutes sent me a wee bit doolally and i became a bit tired & emotional for about a month, spending most of the time drunk, obnoxious & very very angry

now not wanting to kill either of them(a pretty boy like me inside for murder, no ta missus) and being a tight northern git(no smashing up room/house and losing deposit) i turned into a teenage girl instead and carved myself up one night

i saw a doc who diagnosed anxiety/depression; but i never mentioned the cutting and he never saw the mess i made of my arms so my medical reports only have the anxiety/depression. i quit my job, moved to a new town, started a new life and never looked back

now 10years on i'm a different fella, happily married with 2 kids(try explaining the scars to a 2year old though, not easy i can tell you), a good job, falling to bits house, car & all the baggage that goes with it, basically i'm a normal happy husband and dad

herein lies the rub though, i want to join the TA

i contacted my local unit and spoke to the recruiter; didn't mention my scars - well not on a first date, but he said based on how i presented my self that he could see no problem joining as long as i passed the medical

physically i'm fine, a bit overwight, but thats coming off, the pressups & situps are coming along nicely and i can do a 13minute 1.5 no problem - ok not good enough for CIC but it'll do for starters

however i've read jsp 346, specifically chapter 3:14 Psych and think that the anxiety/depression would be ok as it was 10years ago with no repeat of it, but i don't know what to make of
3.14.34. A single episode of self-harm in response to a stressful event occurring more than 3 years before application is no bar to recruitment provided the 3-year interim has been free from all symptoms
is that one single cut or can an MO interpret a single episode as covering one night as i've already said i'm scarred on both arms and my stomach

like i say its been 10years now since i self harmed, no relapse, no other episodes, no nothing

so my question finally after all that, is can any MO's or anyone else to be honest, give me some indication of whether i'm wasting my time and the recruiters by trying to join?

i want to be honest with them, but at the same time i don't like wasting peoples time so would rather not proceed if i'm on a hiding to nothing

awaiting incoming
You'd think on the basis of English language, an Episode would include a whole nights self-harm for sure. I'd say your fine but i've only just started this whole signing up thing and can't be completly sure how they really apply the rules.
Summary: Go for it, worst they can say is no.
IMO you'd be fine. An episode i'd imagine would be the one night it happened.

After 10years, the scars must be obvious that they're not from yesterday so i'd imagine you'd be fine.

Get down and see the MO and join the club to be the best!

Do you listen to My Chemical Romance? If so there's no way you'll be allowed in!

Buy seriously, go and see your GP and get a letter from him saying that you have been in good mental health since this incident and that you would be an asset to the TA. Talk it through with the recruiting Sgt at the TA. They won't put you forward for a medical if they think you won't pass as they don't want to waste £30. If you've been ok for such a long time and due to the stressful situation you were in I think you should be ok. But ultimately it's down to the Doc who takes your medical. If he says no then that's that. Get yourself down to the local ACF and become an AI if you still want to wear green.

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