Advice Needed!

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by Norman_the_Gunner, Jul 11, 2008.

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  1. Dear Deidre lol

    Really need some sound advice on this.....Here goes!

    Been best mates with a civ for years, about 10. Went to school together, and grew up together. I joined the army, he kinda went no-where with life.
    He met this chick that he fell head over heels for, and I knew straight away she was trouble. She caused him loads trouble so he came to stay with me for a while, and all she did was call and text him 24/7. Next thing we hear news on the grapevine that she was with one of his best mates, so we hacked into her email to see if we could find anything, not one thing! He then decided it was time to go home and sort his life out.
    He got back, lost two jobs and decided to get her up the duff, which she terminated. Sad but for the best, no income and a baby aint good.
    Anyways ive always kept an eye on that email of hers to make sure she aint playing around, but I know he'd be dead fucked off. Trouble is ive found applications by her to work for 2 escort agencies! What a ho, but should I tell him. Im a true believer in telling the truth, but now ive found dirt on her im thinking its gonna kill him!
    Help please

  2. Which escort agencies exactly?

    Just so I can judge the overall picture before giving my oppinion of course.
  3. Well one of them is called, checked it out and it dont look like anything suss but then I keep saying to myself come on, its another word for a whore. Might be just my way of thinking
  4. Seconded.....oh and hourly rates please.
  5. If he's your mate - tell him.

  6. Now that's just low :roll:

    Atleast mine was a little more subtle!

    But yes, what are the hourly rates and how far will they travel?
  7. When it's his birthday tell him you have a suprise for him. Then book her for the night.........stand by and watch the fireworks! Post on utube afterwards obviously :)
  8. Trust me you wouldnt, not even double bagged up!
  9. Quality idea, lets hope she gets the job. Might have to post it on youporn tho, he might like that kinda thing :drool:
  10. Find out which one she workes for and then have one of your pals that he doesn't know hire her for a night and take her to a bar your at with your boy.

  11. Oh god, I would pay to see that. To think Chan 4 has wasted so money on this Big Brother tosh when really they could have done things like that!
  12. So you wouldnt just text him and spill. Although its funny I dont wanna **** him up like that, he's prob the only civ I know who's got my back if I needed it
  13. Hmmm, text, subtle. You're probably better of creating a random email address, and emailing him a link to the webpage that she's on. Then deny all knowledge when asked.

    After you've put the link on here 1st :)
  14. Awesome idea, thanks for that
  15. its dead easy...setup a new email on Windows live but provide false info, use said account to email printscreens of these applications to him with a brief note to explain. after said email and attachments are sent delete the account and deny all win (despite his hurt feelings).