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I recently attended a course which involved persons being put into groups of four. Said groups were given a brief which had to be put into role play practice.

One of the characters my group was given was called Colin. He was not very capable at doing anything (bit like me). Anyway, myself and another person decided that this Colin was a window licker and proceeded to "take the pi55". Now I "took things to far" according to someone in my group as when I arrived for work my boss called me in to say that this someone had complained about my actions during this "brief". I have been accused of mocking people with physical impairment, inferring that I am prejudice against these people and used degenerate terms of reference towards them ie windowlickers. I was also accused of using the term pikey and of using profanity for fcuks sake.

Now the course was run by the MOD Police (for whom I work) and the complainant is an Inspector.

Hypothetically what course of action should I take?

I have been given a verbal "warning" by my boss and have apologised to this PC Inspector and a couple of other officers of the law indirectly involved. But what pi55es me off is that you can't have a laugh and a joke at anyones expense (save MDN northern a55bandit) without some fcuking jobsworth getting upset.

Comments criticism and general pi55taking please.
keep on doing it, surely the pendulum will swing back our way soon if not then the windowlickers have taken over and god help us all!!!
Got to be a wah - even a MOD Plod wouldn't be that thick!
you sure
Tell them you suffer from combat stress, having ironed your combats too hard once. Apologise mention stress at home and difficulty adjusting to the civilian "don't take the pi55" way of life then slot the git one night when no one is looking.
DarkNinja said:
Got to be a wah - even a MOD Plod wouldn't be that thick!
I'm not MOD Plod. I work for them. Every course has to have a bit if banter and a general pi55take but obviously Arrse-stlye pi55taking isn't everyones cup of tea.
Sadly, it's all to common these days. One mans laugh is another mans insult.

Fight back and join "The Campaign Against Political Correctness" ( .
hope there is no special needs school in your patrol area, you could get a written warning instead of being sack like you should have been.
Man the fu-uck up and accept that there is a time and a place for everything, and you judged it wrong.

Not saying there is never a time to rip into spazzers, lezzers, doughnutpunchers, spicks, wops, frogs, heebies, honkies, aussies, nips, chinks, simbas or boxheads - but you have got to be prepared to man up about it when you say something designed to get a laugh at someone elses expense. Either give em two fingers, or apologise. Don't ask an internet forum how you can take revenge on someone for daring to be offended - if an Inspector is involved, chances are you did 'take it too far.'
blobmeister said:
You knob! was that?
Thanks. I'll forward the payment in due course.
Send me his number I'll bell him for you
FABLONBIFFCHIT, yes man up! apologise and ask for diversity training - now that's funny! You will enjoy that.
Spaeking as someone who works for an organsiation that can't say white tape (has to be bleached tape!) I tend to pick my moment before ripping into the fat muncher or the trans gender bloke who looks like Les Dawson (Yes!)


Book Reviewer
I'm not MOD Plod. I work for them. .

You're a german shepherd dog?
He smells like one
the most intelligent one there then?
minister_doh_nut said:
He smells like one
May smell like one but if memory serves me you have the habits of one. Sniffing peoples arses (not mine) sticking your face in people's groins (mostly mens) and you can actually lick your own bits. :lol:
I think the word is appropriate. ARRSE NAAFI Board appropriate , pseudo Police course as a civi not appropriate.

Brad Pitt fcuked no proper fcuked
cbgramc said:
I think the word is appropriate. ARRSE NAAFI Board appropriate , pseudo Police course as a civi not appropriate.

Realise that now.
sorry to post again so quickly but your dilemma has me wondering, to get away with this gaff you must be really important to the MOD Police operation. Let me see we have established you are no MOD Plod, you aren't a working dog, you are certainly not in HR but as stated you must be important, oh ye I got it you are a highly trained gate/barrier oilier, the most important job in MOD Police.

Any other thoughts?

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