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hi everyone,
sorry if this is a waste of you guys time, but Im looking to Join the TA prior to possibly going regular in 2-3 yrs time. Im a geography MA grad, specialised in cartography and GIS. Currently working as a QS and 2 years left of my chartership. Im 22, fit, healthy and my career aim is to join the forces, hopefully using my skills and education. My local TA choices are Signals, 23 SAS and Yeomanry Mechanised. any advice?
In the regulars you will want to consider joining the Royal Engineers as they have at least one Geograhic unit (14 Geo in Moenchengladbach).

Speak to your local Recruiting Office before you actually join the TA, it may help you in making your decision re which TA unit to join.
Thanks. Ideally it would be good to use my civil experience as thats what I do best. Its been a couple of years since Ive done any geotech and tbh I enjoy construction a lot more.
arby said:
any advice?
I'd advise making a list of what you want out of the TA. At the moment you've not given too much information away, but I'll make some guesses (for giggles) based on what you've said:

- You are based Northwest of Leeds.
- You plan to join the regulars as an Officer
- You don't have much experience of the Army
- You are hoping to gain an insight into the Army through the TA, have some laughs and get experience for Sandhurst
- You are thinking that your skills could be put to good use in the TA and regulars

If I'm right, decide if you want fun or experience and pick Potential Officer or Solider dependant on that.

If you want to join the TA as an Officer, the vast majority of your time will be spent in officer training, and possible a few months as a TA Officer.
If you join as a Tom, you'll find those specialist skills won't be utilised much in the two years you have to spend in a unit unless you join the Intelligence Core, Engineers or the RLC.
almost right milk, based in Dundee, not leeds tho. But everything else is spot on. was considering signals, but also tempted by 23 for the fitness side of things.

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