Advice Needed

I have scoured ARRSE and can't find the piece of advice that I'm after and I think it may have been posted on here. Can anybody please advise me on childcare help for forces single parents? I seem to remember somewhere on ARRSE that there was a nanny scheme or something to help out when the primary carer had to go on exercise etc.
The trouble is that basically one of my RAF bods is either swinging the lead or genuinely needs some assistance with childcare. Being in a similar position myself, I am thinking it's probably the former. If anyone can give me a steer in the right direction, I'd really appreciate it. Even if I can just go to her and tell her that how to apply for the scheme, I think it may stop the headaches that she's creating.
That's a really useful link. Thanks alot. I'll print the page off and give it to her. If she can't sort things out from all of the options on that page I don't think I can do much else for her.
Much appreciated.. Cheers!

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