Advice needed

I'm due to deploy tomorrow,has anybody had any problems with their baggage allowance overweight ? are the RAF strict over this ?
with the fact that you are now issued with body armour prior to deployment

They didn't complain when I went out - just wear everything you can and try to make your daysack look small!

Seriously though, we didn't have any problems. I'm sure that CBA and hlemet can be carried in addition to allowance - I remembers seeing a sign to that effect at check-in. I'd just bundle all the CBA together and hand it over to your CQMS to deal with.
The ulimate decision rests with the Air Loadmaster, but in practice the movers deal with pax on the ground - if there's a huge drama the senior pax should speak to the loady.

If the aircraft you are flying on is trooping only there should be no problems; if it's also carying freight then weight and balance calculations become rather more important.

The main thing is to ensure your carry-on baggage is compliant with current regs - it's a safety issue to do with the weight-bearing ability of the overhead lockers on the shiny fleet. Extra bits and pieces of hold baggage should be okay, provided all are securely packed, but no doubt the Army movers at South Cerney will remind you as they drone interminably on bungees etc.