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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by ben0239, Jun 5, 2007.

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  1. I am due to be promoted to bdr, i have passed my bdr course and promotions board. However i am being told that i can not be promoted because i havent passed a DIT course, although i have passed a BIT course, unfortunately i can not find my records to prove this and its not been put on to unicom. I have contacted the rtc where i completed the course and they are trying to find my records. They have kindly said they would vouch for me verbally if need be, but is that going to be enough for the powers that be. I was supposed to be promoted fairly soon, this now seems very unlikely.
    Has anyone been in a similar situation and got any advice for me??
  2. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    Yup - in future when you go on a course, keep a copy of your course report or any other paperwork confirming you attended and passed. The Army even generously provides an A4 black folder for you to keep them in. You could almost call it a "personal development record", if you wanted to.

    In this case, you may just have to take the pain.
  3. I would concur with The Duke's advice re sticking anything and everything into your "This is your Life" folder - don't worry about organising it too much, save that for a rainy (Man Training) Day.

    How long have you been happily signing off Unicom prints which don't have all your quals on ? If you have been doing so, it's all your own fault. If, however, you have been carefully noting all the omissions on the print-out and then signing it, you may want to ask for a Tp Comd interview and mention the word "redress". He/she should be able to help you from there. The Chain of Command is there to be used.
  4. I have got a copy of my course number and course dates for my bit course and all my notes, my course report was sent directly to the then psi, however it can now not be found. I have updated my uniucom prints constantly over the years but they havent been amended.
  5. Unfortunately a verbal confirmation isn't worth the paper it's written on (sorry!).

    It's APC that demand that all Crewman 2000 quals are met in order for a promotion to be processed. No input - no promotion.

    If the RTC will write to your unit confirming your BIT pass this can be used to verify your qual and your unit admin staff can then update your record.

    All is not plain sailing, however. Under JPA it is up to unit admin staff to process your promotion (with APC oversight) and they cannot do this until they have attended the week long course to get them qualified to do this. Check to see whether your CClerk has done the course or you may be waiting even longer.
  6. Assuming your unit isn't one of those with restricted MTD's and your clerk has enough days left to to attend the course if they haven't already done so :)
  7. Surly you needed to have passed a DITs course before you go to the promotions course.

    Somebody must have signed that off at your unit before you go. Unless they are playing silly buggers with you, in which case just man-up and do it again. two weekends pay, great.