Advice Needed

My squadron is going on a sponsered cycle ride in europe 5 countries in 5 days at the end of July, I will be the medic cover for the trip, I have to usually dressing and stuff etc I would like any advice on things that i might need.
Jase :D
A bike, lycra and lots of vaseline ! :D :D :wink:
A map, of the countires you are transiting obviousley.
Dioralyte, loperamide, instant ice packs, ibuprofen, crepe bandage, glucose tablets & BM monitor, and anusol would probably be needed if they are owt like me!!!!
Just thinks what countries they are going through, and environments. and take as much PHC kit as you can carry!!!!!
EHIC cards and Insurance applicable for the level of activity.

If you are classed as being 'on duty' you only need insurance for the periods when you are stood-down.

Your Med Plan needs to be scrutinised by your MO, then decide what kit you need.

Note: EHIC cards are not a substitute for insurance!!!
Just to back up Cryptotermes' point, unless this is a duty trip, insurance is a must. Not only will EHIC only provide cover for immediate emergency treatment, it never covers the cost of repatriation, and RAF aeromed is not applicable unless the injury or illness occurred on duty.

Make sure you know the location and contact details of hospitals along the route; ensure everyone knows the EU-wide emergency number (112); just in case emergency operators don't speak English (most will, but it's by no means certain), a crib card with 'how to call an ambulance' in J. Foreigner's lingo(s) could be useful. Take JCCC's number with you too, just in case.

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