Hubby is on 6 mth tour for 3 weeks he has had pins and needles in right lower arm and hand, from elbow up to neck he has severe pain. Spent week in Hospital doing different tests all clear. Problem is physio gave him exercises for his neck and said not touching arm as we don't know what is wrong and thats it. He isn't doing his job as he cannot use the keyboard and they have now cut back on his pain relief as they want to see if the physio for neck is working. People have said he should of been sent back to Germany/Uk to sort this out. If Dr doesn't suggest this what can he do
it really is getting him down he has very little sleep and they did knock him out with an injection on Sat night.


They are sending him back.
In all fairness, he needs to be seen by a specialist - can be a number of factors, from something localised (muscle) to maybe something that he is eating, that is causing this pain and tingling.

If they are sending him back I would suggest that you make sure he is seen by a specialist rather than just a GP - Osteopathy may help to find the answer, neurology might be the other.

Good luck and hope that he recovers soon


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