My hubby is away on tour i have been going into camp to collect the mail. When i went in this week they told me they had cleared his desk out as he is away for 6 months and he had left some things,they were all in a pile and i said i will take them a few at a time as i don't drive. When i got home and started to open the envelope wih pay slips and old medication,i also found 4 letters from his ex wife who i knew about but didnt know he recieved mail from her. She seems to be under the immpression he is going back and they are engaged,i know he hasnt seen her in the 4 years we have been married as we haven't been apart except for Iraq and now.
The thing is she doesn't know he has remarried also upon telling him what i have been given from work he has said they were placed in the bag for disposal back in feb and jan when he recieved these letters. They are very graphic on what she will do to him.

I am now at a loss was it done deliberatly to let me see wot he is up too or is he liar. He is being sent back today from Bos as i was leaving yesterday also he said i should put a complaint in to the families officer as i shouldn't of been given these but i am reluctant to do that as he has lied to me for 4 years over this and it's his fault. I suppose what i want to know is do i put a complaint in or not?
Nothing should be passed over to you when your old man is away, only mail addressed to you. Your old man should be the one who complains about this.
find out whats going on before going off half cocked at him, give the bloke a chance.
Reading his mail what did you expect

You deserve everything you get


camoboots said:
Why did you open your husband’s letters with out his permission? I know you say that you are married but people need there own privacy and space.
You have not given your husband a chance to explain things he as been away working and you are not giving him the chance to explain everything. May be he as an honest answer to everything if you will just sit down and listen to what he as to say with out jumping to conclusions .
I see the agony aunt is back… :roll:

Hello Sarah Jane Chubb
diane_41 said:
he said i should put a complaint in to the families officer ....... do i put a complaint in or not?
What exactly are you expected to complain about? Why would the complaint go to the Families' [sic - Welfare] Officer? What precisely would you expect him/her to be able to do for you? Or is it the usual, "If in doubt, complain to Welfare about how awful your life is" response???