Advice needed.

Right, I was having a clean out and I found some of my Ex's stuff, and I'm wodnering what to do with the slappers possessions? Nothing is too perverted, So MDN should be able to come up with something.

Here's what I've got of hers:

Picture of her 10 Yo Sister.
Drawings by said sister
One of my Ex's Nurse outfits.
A Pair of her gloves (woolen).
Two of her jackets (although I think one belongs to one of my Ex's freinds who has sodding huge norks, I swear they're about G cup).

So options please. I mean I could return them to her, but that'd be boring as feck, and It would involve me having to speak to her again.

Quality lol
ringdoby said:
Put the nurses outfit and woolen gloves on.

Take a photo of you knocking one out over her 10 year old sister's photo.

Send both photo's and uniform/gloves etc to the ex
That does have the potential of getting listy arrested - which probably isnt ideal for the man. Slight modification then, do the same, but photoshop a picture of your ex's dads head over the top of yours. Oh, and fist her cat. That'll show her.
I'll give you a fiver for the lot.
Buy a Pitbull, and bait it with all said items. When it has ripped everything to bits, put all remains in a black bag and drop them off around at her mothers, with a note saying sorry, it wasnt me, it was the dog.
Another bonus doing that, would be if she came back for revenge the dog would have her as well !!
Put em on ebay.
Ex SAS hospital uniform.
Used while members of the elite regiment train for their medical qualifications

Put a piccy up of you wearing said uniform plus gloves and jackets and don the token respirator.

Sure to get a few bites and maybe a few bids of the waltenkommando

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