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Discussion in 'Sappers' started by taff_dee, Feb 14, 2006.

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  1. I have just come back from my interview down at the afco office and my choices I have put down were re electrician, plumber and my third choice was signals operator.

    When I was in my interview the sergeant told me I should try for the reme in a technical trade like avionics cos I have good qualifications (9 gcse's grades a's and b's and 2 a-levels c and d) so I would be eligible for an advanced promotion scheme. But I have really got my heart set on the re so I told him no cos I thought I am more likely to make a career out of the army if I enjoy it and I think I would enjoy the re more than the reme.

    Does anybody regret joining the re instead of reme?
  2. never fella, at the end of the day REME either stands for : royal engineers made easy OR royal engineers minus education!!!!

    if you have all those qualifications, then if you come to the corps then i would suggest that you try the "clerk of works" route within the RE the promotion can again be fast & the civvy qualifications gained are a ticket to a decent job when you leave the army.

    certainly i would think long & hard about it before you come out on the side of the RE, as a sparky cause we are the mutts nuts.

    good luck my friend.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Agree entirely. If you want a decent trade, combined with doing some real soldiering then come and join us.

    If you want to spend your time unplugging and replacing black boxes and wielding a soldering iron 9 - 5 in a base workshops then try the REME (aka the paramilitary wing of the AA)
  4. thanks for the advice and i am gonna go for electrician re.
  5. quality choice fella.

    i have never regretted it once in nearly 20 years.

    welcome to your new family :!: :!: :idea: :idea:

  6. Taff Dee i am with knocker on this, i have never regretted being a Sparky in the Corps and i have also been doing it for 20 years, anyway, taff welcome the Corps all being well, keep us informed on your progress and remember they ACIO are probably on a bonus to recruit you into the REME as they are short of Techs.


  7. I took the careers office (dominos) tests 3 times so that I could be a REME Vechicle Mechanic (VM) and past it eventually. However the careers officer then said that there was no spaces left to be a VM, but I could be a Fitter in the Royal Engineers instead. I had no idea what RE's did but I went for it any way.

    That was 16 years ago and (having done the Clerk of Works course) I can safely say that it was the best decision I've ever made.

    Enjoy your career, taff_dee.

  8. What ever you do dont put down signals operator as your trade.It is easy to get on a sigs course when you get to your unit and it does not count for much in the real world.
  9. Thanks for all your advice i have now got re electrician as first choice and re plumber as second choice i go away for rsc on the 28th So it hopefuly wont be long now before i'm in
  10. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Great news. Welcome on board.
  11. Good for you taff_dee welcome to the Corps!!

    I nearly went in in 1983 as a R Sigs "Linelayer" because I wasn't sure of what it entailed. I luckily had a friend who had served in the Corps who put me on the straight and narrow. God forbid what would have happened if he didn't!!

    I started as an apprentice Electrician RE and also went the Clerk of Works route and it was the best thing I ever did. Coming up to the end of my time now but have not regretted a single moment.

    Good luck for the future mate.
  12. Knowing nothing about the Army,I enlisted at Charing Cross,into the ACC.I wanted to join the outfit at the top of the list-ACC-but in those days,it was not possible.ACC was next on the list!!!After about 10 days at St Omer Barracks,we were made to do some kind of 'noughts and crosses' test.Having done mine,I did the guy's at the next desk,as he was having some difficultly.After the test,a crusty PSO suggested that we both transfer to the Sappers.The guy who's test I did,nodded his head,and we were off to Cove.Best move ever!!
  13. thanks for everything lads just got back from rsc passed everything and got my first choice as electrician. Start basic in may, cant wait
  14. beautiful.

    good luck fella.

  15. Brilliant news, welcome to the Corps Taff you will not regret it, read some of the back threads in the Sapper forum as to what advice we can give you.



    CRE forever when did you do you Apprentice Sparky course??