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Hey guys, need some advice. In April when i was at RSC i failed the maths test and therefore couldn't choose my first job choice, Installation Technician. So they said to me i could either redo the test 30 days later or go for my second option, Radio systems operator. The Major there gave me some advice and told me its best not to redo the test and just go for my second choice because i will be using that kind of mathematics during trade training. So me being the fool took his advice and left it at that.

I didn't really think about it up until recently but Installation Technician is the job i really want to do, and it seems to give you the right qualfications for a job i would want to do when i left the Army. I was wondering if there was any way i could retake the test? or would my intake be moved back becuase of this (Jan 23rd, which i dont want to happen becuase its been a year since i applied.) I think with a bit of revision i could pass the test, i was a year out of school when i took it at RSC and had forgotten a lot of things from maths lol.

Should i give my AFCO a ring and discuss my options? or can this test be retaken before starting phase 2?

I dont wanna be stuck with a job i might not like. :oops:

Any advice would be great :)

Mate , I spent 9 years doing a my second choice job and it was ok

Its your choice, in the end I took my second choice because I simply needed to get working

You have to make your own choices in this world
I took my second job choice when I joined up and it was the right decision but as polar says its up to, the only hold up you may have course places, and you dont want to wait to long at Blandford if its anything like the holding troop when I was there.
Go and have a chat they can only say no.
I would go and speak in person to someone not on the phone.
If you want your first job choice then its entirely up to you if you retake it, the PSO over there is talking shite quite simply and he is relying on your ignorance of the recruit selection process to ensure that you get in quickly for the sake of the numbers.

If you have the relevant GCSE grades (MAQ's) then pursue it.

Your AFCO should be able to get you another TST date very quickly, its a case of a phone call and thats it.

The intake date shouldnt be affected really because you are already allocated a place at ATR Lichfield from what you have said, however speed is the key here ;)

The bottom line is that your recruiter should get you on another TST, and then rather than go about reallocating your intake date, keep the job selection as it is, then he should phone RSigs PSAO down at Blandford and put the case forward for you to be trade reallocated to Inst Tech at week 9 of Phase 1.

The system works if the recruiters use it rather than trying to do what they think is the right thing ;)
Stick to your guns pal..

Speak to the AFCO & explain your concerns, at the end of the day it's in no-ones interests to recruit soldiers into jobs they don't particularly want.

It may well be that you would enjoy life as an RS Op but it sounds as if you're set on Inst Tech, so get back in there & tell 'em! Otherwise you'll always wonder "What if?"

Good Luck :wink:

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