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Discussion in 'Juniors' started by trigger_uxb, May 5, 2012.

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  1. Need some advice from someone in the know!

    Yesterday I was moving a man truck from one shed to another, while driving it out of the shed I hit the roller door which wasn't fully open!

    The man trucks fine but the door on the other hand isn't! The bottom panels badly dented and popped all it's rollers!

    As it was a Friday afternoon I reported it to the gaurd room and wrote a statement! I informed the duty driver as I believe it's an MT shed! I also told my platoon 2ic.

    Anything else I should have done?

    What can I expect to happen now?

    How much will it cost me?

  2. You should have shifted the truck to the other shed, ensured there were no scratch marks or owt on the roof. You should then have gone back to the knackered door, lowered it all the way down ensuring there was no corresponding truck paint on the roller door. Closed the works ticket and fucked off home.

    This would only have worked if there were no witnesses, if witnesses were present; a little extra-judicial killing may have been in order.

    No idea what will happen now, perhaps nothing as you reported it immediately. But knowing what most MTOs/MT Sgts are like you'll be on shit jobs until the universe collapses back in on itself, prior to the next big bang.

    Oh, shutter door sections are only a couple of hundred quid each if you are paying your share at 10%, I'd expect you to just lose out on a weekend on the piss. But because of the way MOD tenders out contracts, I shouldn't look at buying a new car / house /or getting married until you join the Sergeants Mess.

    Glad to be of help.
  3. Cheers!

    No chance of getting the door shut it really was in clip!

    As for not getting married and new car oops! Plus newborn to boot!
  5. Not my address but how the hell do I stop it from doing that?

    Cancel last found it
  6. If there are no witnesses then never ever confess to anything.
    If there is a witness then its his fault as he was meant to be guiding you at the time.
    If there is a witness and he is senior to you then he was a supervisor and therefore the responsible party not you.

    If you are TA just don't tip up for a couple of months
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  7. Just tell them you were pissed at the time, so it was to be expected.
  8. You'll probably be called in by MT to fill out an FMT3.

    The MAN Truck should be called into your LAD to inspect and raise a damage report (Repair Costs should come to nothing if there is no damage as you state).

    This should all go in a RTI File and go through the system.

    It all depends on the cost of repair of the Door (down to the QM I guess) and whether you get on with your OC.

    Were you being guided? If not that could be a stumbling block especially if the ASM or QM find out. If you were then it's really the guiders fault not yours.

    But as you didn't try and hide anything and reported it all straight away with luck it'll just be a slap on the wrist and much piss taking. At most a Minor Sanction.

    (Don't quote me though, I have just left a RLC Regt and the 'Professional' Drivers used to crash into everything and get away with it.)
  9. When I spoke to the duty driver he said if there was no damage to the canopy then there was no need to get the wagon inspected! Since it didn't hit the vechiel itself!

    I wasn't being guided! Do I need to be? I wasn't reversing! The only witness was the guard as they could see it all from the gate!
  10. "I wasn't being guided! Do I need to be"

    What does your part one orders say ?
  11. Bollocks! Can't bloody wait till Tuesday!
  12. Drivers Standing Orders usually states that you should be when moving in and out of buildings. All RTI should be inspected whether another vehicle is involved or not but that'll come down to your Units Standing Orders.

    I wouldn't worry too much you fess'd up and reported it, the main thing that could go against you is if you hadn't. Chin Up Fella :jocolor:
  13. You're most defintely not the first person to take out a roller door and you won't be the last. I've seen some cracking low speed bumps with doors and lamp posts. A drops vehicle drove out of the hanger after dropping off a power pack with the hook still raised and tore the roller door out with it, and a lamp post was at a bit of a jaunty angle after an SV reversed into it. It's more of a spotlight now than a lamp post.
  14. Well turns out honesty is the best policy MTO and Mt Sjt said not to worry to much just happy I reported it rather than doing one!
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  15. Good for you mate, at least you didn't have to kill any witnesses!