Advice Needed!

I moved out of my rented property mid July (end of tenancy) and moved to my new contract down south, my ex landlord is trying to squeeze some dosh off me.

As stated the end of tenancy was 13th July, yet the post tenancy inspection was carried out on the 15 Aug.

The property was left in a better state than when I took on the property.

They want to claim the following:

£155.00 for cleaning contractor including garden

£300.00 for missing Items from the Inventory.

I note that the Landlord and his agents had free entry to said property without a proper outgoing survey.

Any one had a similar experience and how was it resolved.

Thanks in Advance.

PS I will donate 10% of the recovered dosh to Hols 4 Heros


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Did you get it signed off as being cleaned and all present and correct? No.

Guess who's going to get dry humped over a barrel by this.
Better off asking for help on Penaltycharges or CommunityActionGroup be aware, the mods are basically fine people, but there are a LOT of "freeloading" types.
Who has the dosh?

If you have it - Jarrod has nailed it.

If they have it - S2T has nailed it.

Problem is, as I am sure you know is proving it - if the tenancy expired then they can't do you for the feckin' grass growing, inventory items are a bit trickier.
I know nothing about these matters really but my son is a student and this seem's to be a common way to try and rip off tenants. If they had a cleaning contractor come in, presumably there is a detailed invoice from the contractor specifying the work carried out and the amount charged that the landlord can show you?. As for the other stuff, if they couldn't get someone there for a handover, how can they prove their allegation that stuff is missing and it's your fault.

Just some thoughts.
Have you got anything in writing re the handback of the property? For example, writing asking them for a date to hand back the keys, or any other correspondence re their intransigence in the matter? Without such, if it goes legal a magistrate might just decide that the fault lies 50/50. That the agent had "unrestricted access" to the property is irrelevant, unless you want to make a baseless accusation that the agent entered the property and damaged it. Are there missing items? Did you take photos of the property on occupation and leaving?

Has your deposit been returned, and if not - is it in a TDP scheme? If not, you are laughing.
Agent was not available to sign off.
Yeah, really? And you just walked away believing you wouldn't get ripped off. More fool you and I hope you won't be making the same clusterfuck mistake again.

Try your local CAB or failing that an solicitor. A half decent firm will give you a bit of time free to see if you have a case.

Don't just tell them to fcuk of, unless you want to end up with debt recovery agents knocking on your door, CCJs bad credit history etc.

I'm not saying you're in the wrong. I'm saying you've been a cock and are getting screwed over, but the problem won't go away by you saying fcuk off I'm not paying. So get proper advice and get it sorted.

Remember, estate agents are on the same rung of the ladder as traffic wardens and the tax man.
All rent deposits should be held by a recognised body and the Landlord cannot just take the cash, there is a procedure to go through and they will be in the mire if they have not followed those procedures. Confirm if they hold the money or the recognised agent. If it is them sue them if they dont return it all. If they dont hold a rent deposit, or rather the proper body, tell them to do one.

Do you like the techical legal phrases? PM me if you want any more advice.
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