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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by ordinaryforces, Aug 9, 2011.

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  1. Hi
    bit of a dog related problem here,
    I have a 16yr old j/russel cross...small dog,But anyway tied him outside tescos today to nip in for something and a real chavvy family walked over to him and tried to pat him, the dog can hardly see because of two cataracts and was frightened so reacted and nipped the 10 yr old big bite just a nip,
    but then the mother rounded on me and started shouting as if I was the local axe murdering child molester and threatened me with all kinds of things,
    am I bollaxed here? what am I looking at here? have I any defence?
  2. Small children should be kept on a lead at all times and properly controlled by a responsible adult.
  3. Thankyou David
    If I had been a bit more sensible I would have done that.
    hopefully a Mod might move it over.
    cheers anyway.
  4. You should have given the mother a smack in the mouth and walked the dog home, collecting your car later.
  5. I really wanted to ****/punt her but realised it might not help as their security mongs were stood outside.
  6. Doubt it will come to anything, but if it does and you get a solicitors letter, reply and say how surprised you are that they blame you. You went into Tescos and while you were gone the chavvy family were teasing and poking the dog, so understandably it was not happy. Tell them you have witnesses I will be one :)

  7. That's tidy of you ..butt
  8. Has your dog bitten someone before? Even a "nip"?
  9. No smudge, no previous.
  10. If the Security Guy didn't get involved, forget it, the Mother and brood have fuckall.

    Tesco Security have to get involved if there is the slightest possibility that Tesco can carry any blame. You should have asked them to witness the mother's abusive behaviour whilst treading on the kids foot with all your weight.
  11. Odds are it that's the end of the matter. Chav's learn't not to play with strange dogs - something Chav mother should have taught the kid. In the dogs defence, it did not attack the kid, the kid interfered with the dog and that's that.

    Mine bit a Chink, does that count?
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