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Discussion in 'RLC' started by D-Runner, Feb 25, 2010.

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  1. If i apply as a driver/communication specialist and the Army decide after phase 2 trainning its not for me what happens?
    will i get a choice of other trades or will the RLC choose for me. The situation i dont want is to pass out be commited for 4 yrs and RLC to turn around and say sorry son you are not communication material, we dont need anymore drivers so we have decided your going to be a pioneer.

    Im going for interview tomorrow to choose job so any advice will be great :D .
  2. Ask at the interview, let us know how you get on.

    Make sure you've had a good look at all your options before you choose, don't be afraid to gather some more info or delay your application to allow yourself the bigger picture.

    What other jobs have you looked at?

    Don't knock pioneers, I've worked with them here there and everywhere cracking bunch of lads.
  3. The communication job 1st choice
    Driver 2nd choice
  4. Generally you'll revert back to the Driver Trade side of things if you fail your Basic Signaller Course. The course isn't too difficult if you put the work in, plus if you don't manage to become one of Gods chosen few the first time, you can always try again once you've gained some experience at a working unit.
  5. The bar for communication "Specilists" is so low that even if you tried I'm sure you will not fail. However, If you show yourself to be bright, articulate, and highly motivated they will wonder why you have chosen such a dull trade.

    If during the early stages of your career you show leadership potential and hetrosexual tendancies you will be fast tracked for promotion as a Coms Spec then no doubt take up an RSM position in the Dvr role due to the fact the Dvrs have genuine competition for promotion and take longer to get there! :)

  6. Concerned about not cutting it as either Rad Op or Driver - some self esteem issues to be dealt with methinks!
  7. Ooh, you wait!!!!!!! :twisted:
  8. Ill cut it as a driver, The communication role on paper sounds very technical, I was just looking for reassurance if i duff the signals course ill get my second choice as a driver.

    what will my days involve on tour as a communication specialist?

    Will it be possible to get based in Germany as comm/spec because I want that experiance.