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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Moodybitch, Mar 24, 2005.

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  1. Hi Arrsers

    I have spent the last week trying to diffuse some unwanted attention from a member of the opposite sex. I had almost an entire day of calls from this person pleading with me to go out with them.

    I felt sad for him so tried not to be cruel about it, but when I continued to refuse he got a bit aggressive.

    Then I get home last night and a soppy card has been posted through my letterbox, signed with just his initial.

    I am staying with a colleague this weekend so I dont have to go back to my house alone.

    Do I ignore this in the hope it will go away or should I be getting very worried??? 8O

    Arrsers, It's over to you.......
  2. MB, if this is a serious post you should go & have a word with your local cop shop... Stalking is now taken seriously & the sooner you make an official complaint the less likely it is that this'll escalate.
  3. stop playing hard to get ......

    and i wasn't being aggresive.

    you need some new curtains by the way.

    i'm watching you ....... and holding it.
  4. It is a serious post - but I dont know if I am overreacting or not. My ex says no but I dont want to make a fuss if the main opinion is that it will die down of its own accord
  5. If it's serious why is it in the NAAFI?

    Moody I fear some entertaining but singularly unhelpful advice is coming your way.
  6. Oh so it was you was it!

    Freeeeeeeak :D
  7. Sorry but I didnt spot a Stalkers forum so put it where I thought I would get a response
  8. Sit in your front window with your legs open in a 'Euro hold open' pose.

    When he sees you hanging inside out with a prolapsed womb he won't come anywhere near.

    Failing that dip your head in battery acid and cut yer lugs off then ask him if he still wants to give you one.

    Hope this helps :)
  9. Sounds like a bit of a nucking futter to me

    Its not that Aussie tw#t you used to work with is it? :lol:
  10. MDN - the voice of reason.

    MB - call the bizzies.

    Yours, Slug.
  11. MB,

    do as the slug says, get the Fuzz involved.........if that fails get some guys from 9 Sqdn to do their best on him :wink:
  12. Thanks for advice

    MDN - I regularly sit in my window in the Euro Hold Open this what got me into this mess in the first place?

    I feel stupid calling the police, it's been a week so think I should wait out and see what happens.

    I doubt they would take it that seriously at the moment
  13. I think that would frighten not encourage :wink:

    You should never feel stupid calling the Police reference this, go to the local station and speak to the community officer who will advise!

    Failing that I can send in the QAs, who will shaag him to death.....or sit on his face, same outcome :twisted:
  14. MB... easier to call the bizzies now than later.
    Never ever fell like yer wasting their time... they're paid for it.