Advice Needed.

Discussion in 'AGC, RAPTC and SASC' started by CowboyBob, Mar 13, 2005.

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  1. Hi All,

    I'm thinking for joining the RMP, I've read the booklets and web sites but I need a more personal insight to what life in the RMP would be like.

    I'm a bit old, 26 yrs old with a degree in Criminology. Spent the last 5 years working for an IT company and I need an adventure and a job that involves the great out doors :D
    I would prefer doing in as a soldier as I think I will like the life style more (Not into the Officer Boys Club stuff).

    Any Advice would be great :lol:

  2. Troll I suspect...

    Degree in criminology, unsure whether to join as an Officer or soldier.
  3. It was only a 3rd from Teeside :?
    I'm also applying for the normal plod, but it's taking ages :(
    I need to look at other options.
  4. Come along for the ride mate! There's plenty of cracking NCO's (with degrees) within the glorious Provost and you can do a real time job every day, instead of training yourself to death!

  5. Support this advice. You'll need to wait a few years before applying but the degree would be useful (assuming you want to maintain interest in that) by joining the Special Investigation Branch. Special does not equal spy-type work but is thought to be the CID of the milpol.
  6. i too have a criminology degree from Teesside (2000) and in the RMP TA, been doing that for a few years whilst waiting to get through my RCB.
    From what i've learnt along the way, if you actually want to use your degree and do some police work you're better off joining either civvy bill or as a squaddie as the officers don't do that much. I've just been on op tour and a few of the guys i worked with had degrees and love being nco's.

    Take note of what Hurryupandwait said. It's so true! i'm just gutted that i didn't join up sooner rather than still being in the process of doing it.
  7. Cheers for the advice every one.
    What's the training like?

    I graduated in 2000 aswell ... oh, the fond memories of the Zoo :lol:
  8. the zoo! what a class place - sticking to the floor then managing to kick our legs in time to New York New York. those were the days!!!! to make matters worse, i was a proud owner of the burgundy bar staff top and had to work there most weekends.
  9. Cheers for all the advice :D
    I'm still researching the RMP vs Normal Plod (This site is great for getting info on both sides of the fence). RMP and Civil plod seem similar - Dealing with drunks on a Friday night.
    What other crimes happen in the Army - other than the borrowing of a vaste amount of kit for personal use. Will I be able to do my Sherlockholmes impression on a weekly basis to thawrt criminal masterminds? or are all the crimes the same as the normal plod but in a nice shade of green? :eek:

    The Zoo, oh the fun, oh the drunken nights ending in New York New York. Five years on and my liver is only just recovered.

    P.S what are the young ladies like in the RMP...... just a thought :roll:
  10. One bit of completely free advice for you if you are considering joining the police service. Never use the word "Plod." Ever.

    I am available via PM for more salient advice.

    Oh, does all the RMP crumpet look like Tamzin Outhwaite? Didn't think so.