Advice needed (sorry its quite long)

Discussion in 'OTC and ACF' started by Happy_holidays, Apr 21, 2008.

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  1. Ok I'm posting this on here because I'm not entirely sure what to do.
    Basically I'm a cadet Sgt in the ACF and I've done my 4* and my SCIC. I personally don't think I'm a bad cadet, maybe a bit quite but I still do well. I got a B in my SCIC and would have been top student if I'd opened my mouth a bit, also being a fast learner it took me less than 3 years to go from recruit to post 4* cadet intructor.
    Yet, there is one instructor who seems to really have it in for me. He is a staff captain and 2 i/c of our company and, because our company commander doesn't actually live in the county, is one of the adults who is basically in charge. Anyway this guy is a d**k to pretty much everyone but he really does hate me more than anyone else.
    Early last year I did my BTEC and he was one of the adults helping out, at that point he was absolutly fine with me, by Easter fieldcraft camp he hated me. On this camp I had decided not to do my LSW test (even though I had previously passed it) and instead decided to sit in the revision session, which was being run by him, along with one or two people who were in the same situation as me. When I first got behind the LSW and started practicing he asked me if I had done it before, I said yes and explained that I wanted more practice before doing my test. He then started having a go at me saying I should have taken the test before and that he was going to fail me at fieldcraft because of it (this is loudly infront of the whole lesson) he then started saying that on the BTEC weekend I had been slagging off my ex boyfriend (who was in his detachemnt) even though I have never said a bad word about him and have only ever defended him when my friends have been slagging him off. To be honest I thought this really was appaling behaviour especially saying it infront of a load of other cadets.
    So later on I passed my LSW test. The next morning I was handed an LSW as we were going to wake the younger cadets up by firing. The evening before they had been fired ALOT and hadn't been cleaned out so when I try to fire I find that it won't self cock even if I put the gas on E so I have to cock it everytime I want to fire. He notices and starts having a real go at me saying I have c**p drills and that I shouldn't be allowed to fire it. Again I think this is really unfair as I had basically just been given it and told to fire it, when it's stripped and cleaned later it is found to be absolutly jammed with carbon.
    Then at annual camp 07 we were on fieldcraft and again I have him. A similar thing happens where in the morning I am given an LSW (after it had been fired alot the night before and not cleaned) and it keeps blocking, I deal with every single blockage no problem, no asking for help. So when the group I was in got stood in a line after we had finished firing so he could talk to us he said some people were really good and some were awful and then starts having a go at me again, again saying I have really c**p drills and going on at me until he has me in tears. So I end up getting taken away by one of the other adults to carm down until he comes over and starts having another go at me! This time I get pursuaded my some adults from my detachment to tell the company commander. When I do so all that happens is she listens to what I have to say and then basically says 'We get quite a few complaints about him'. This really makes me think what on earth!! He's only recently been promoted to Captain yet he seems to be very biased towards the cadets he likes and, by the saounds of it, seems to regulaly have complaints made about him.
    Also just before that camp I had been put up for promotion to Sgt and he had stopped it even though I was more than qualified and ready for it (I later got Sgt through putting the app in through a different adult).
    So last weekend our company was running a fieldcraft weekend and I was down to be a Platoon Sgt. Although this next part is only what I have heard as I do not attend his detachment I strongly believe the person that told me me wouldn't lie. So basically he was apprently going through the plan and stuff for the weekend with all his cadets, reading out people names and what they were doing and he got to my name and said, to all his cadets, something along the lines of 'I wouldn't trust her to wipe her own arrse' and also made some sort of squaddie joke. Now this has really annoyed me as basically it undermines any sort of authority I have and will mean that his cadets would be less pre-disposed to respect me and my rank. What makes it even more annoying is that on the previous camp myself and an adult Sgt were given the 1*s of which there was 30. At the end of the camp we were highly praised by the other adult staff as we had had the biggest star wing between the two of us. Yet apparently, according to this Captain, I am useless.
    Now I don't know what to do. I don't know whether I should make another complaint about this Captain as I don't feel anything was done last time I complained. I also don't know whether (if I do complain) I should try complaining within my company or to county as again I don't feel my company did anything last time. So basically any advice would be greatly recieved (and thanks for taking the time to read this mini novel!)
  2. You lost me, was it while you were at band camp?
  3. Having skimmed through that I suggest you write to the Just 17 Agony Aunt. Hopefully, they will tell you that 'complaining' does you no favours in the military.
  4. Just try harder.
  5. *Wah shield on*

    This guy sounds like a serious tool. He is probably some jumped up nobody who enjoys bossing 'kids' around. You should put your complaints in writing like you have done above and see if there is anyone else of your 'rank' who is also willing to tell people what a serious tool he really is.

    Failing that, tell everyone he sends you pictures of himself naked...Problem solved!!! (jokes)

  6. haha....poor gal
  7. Dont be seen as a whinger and just crack on and prove yourself. If that doesnt work leave and create another life for yourself as the ACF (as much as I love it) isnt worth crying over....
  8. To be honest if I do complain it will be less for me but more so that (hopefully) he won't be such a git towards other people and put them off the ACF.
  9. read through your post, this guy is a complete prick,

    i would suggest that you get your parents to contact your county hq and put a complaint into the CEO saying that they believe you are being bullied by this guy, youve tried the company route and that didnt seem to work

    now you do sound mature enough to do it yourself by reading your post, but its better coming from your parents as it shows that its not just you thats concerened by this guys actions, it would get taken seriously if you done it, but think county hq would take more notice if the complaint came from the parent of a cadet.

    get them to stick to the facts that you know, not what youve heard, dont mention the bit about the promotion cause that might make it look like a couple of parents just complaining cause another cadet got selected before you and they thought you deserved it more.

    if all else fails go with kingburn_99 suggestion!! :evil:
  10. The bloke sounds like a total cnut.

    You have three choices:

    1. Vote with your feet - leave, having written to your Cadet Commandant at your ACF HQ telling chapter and verse on this knob.

    2. Bite the bullet and crack on knowing that this bloke is a knob with an axe to grind and your paths will cross.

    3. Get your parents to put in a formal complaint to your Det Commander, with a copy to your Company Commander and Cadet Commandant seeking redress of grievence in this matter and deal with the fall-out from it.
  11. I think he fancies you, it would appear you have rejected him, or told him you have a boy friend!!

    put in a complaint
  12. Complain, then leave and join the TA or Regulars.

    If you are a Post 4* Cadet then your skills are probably being wasted.
  13. Not having a go, but how long does it take to give the gas parts a quick going over with the combitool, thus preventing the majority of the stoppages?

    Still, the bloke sounds like a bit of a w*nker...
  14. Yeah I know it doesn't take long but both times I literally got the LSW shoved at me and told to fire it, and we never have any cleaning kits, may have a combi tool if we're lucky.
  15. This is sound advice, with the possible addition of copying the letter to your Company Commander (noting your previous complaint and the lack of action)