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Hi everyone.

I'm thinking of taking a Security & Risk Management degree, with a view to getting out of the Army in the next 2-3 years to move into that line of work. I've been looking into the MSc from Leicester University, but am aware of some of the foundation courses being offered by the likes of Anubis and Control Risks.

Has anyone done any of these foundation courses, and can you comment on whether they represent good value for money? can they be developed later into bachelors' or Masters' degrees? Or are they designed to provide an 'in' to the industry that a purely academic degree cannot match?

It strikes me that the amount of study hours involved is significantly lower for the foundation courses, although the financial cost remains quite high in some cases. I'd hate to spend a lump of time and money taking an MSc if employers are looking more at the Foundation Degree level, or even exclusively at individuals attending courses they run themselves.

If anyone can comment/advise/help I would be very appreciative!


Doing one of the "foundation" courses such as with Anubis would cost you quite a bit because you would not get any financial help from the system except maybe SLC. You have to have signed off to be eligible.
leicester is a sound Uni and a degree is worth far more than a couple of weeks on a resettlement course.
But would employers like better to see evidence of your previous experience of risk/security management rather than a bit of paper with the ink still wet on it?
Wortha thought - and a bit of a recce
Codger, I take your point.

I've been in two seperate security posts in the last 8 years, including a deployment as a Det Commander dealing with physical security and Sy Risk Management on Ops. I hope that will count for something when the time comes, but it doesn't really set me apart from my peers - which I believe further education would. I guess I'm trying to cover all the bases and maximise my chances of getting the 'better' job when the time comes.

By the way, both Anubis (2472) and Control Risks (2601) are part of the ELC scheme, so funding is available towards the cost of their courses without necessarily signing off first - although this would give some additional money to throw into the pot.
I saw another post on the resettlement forum complaining that you can only do these job related courses using ELC when in resettlement. ELC wouldnt cover your T&S either
Grunt. I have done the Leicester MSc course and have worked in private security (not PMCs) for ten years. PM me if you want my honest opinion on the courses you mention.

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