Advice needed re Veterans Agency

A friend is having trouble with the VA. He has 100% disability allowance and recently required emergency treatment when outside the UK, for his accepted disability. He has been told that this will be refunded exceptionally. As the situation is likely to re-occur (he has a holiday home abroad) he feels the VA is wrong to make an exceptional payment only.

He wishes to take this further. Any suggestions as to where he should address his complaint? He hasn't had much luck in the past with the VA.
Veterans Agency - Complaints

All there, including internal review and appeal procedures and, ultimately, the Parliamentary Ombudsman.

Note that SSAFA Forces Help or the Royal British Legion may be able to act on the complainant's behalf, if he wishes. BAFF would be prepared to get involved informally or formally in the circumstances described, but only of course on behalf of a subscribing veteran member.

hope that helps



Surely hes covered by his E111 anyway when needing treatment outside the uk?
If the country is an EU country then the E111 is the card (it's all new and dandy) should be presented..... works for me
EHIC - European Health Insurance Card
(formerly E111)
Replaces E111 paper from 2006 onwards

From 2006, the old paper E111 is no longer valid. If you are travelling to Europe, you will now be required to be in possession of an EHIC Card - European Health Insurance Card.
Covers basic healthcare on short trips around Europe

The new card allows EU nationals to obtain the same level of healthcare as a local resident in a member country when travelling. The card replaces the old current paper forms and in time, it is hoped they will contain vital personal health information.

The new card scheme covers short-term trips around Europe and Switzerland. It only covers basic national healthcare as received by local residents. This scheme will not cover those living permanently in Europe. It will cover the cardholder in European countries and Switzerland, is valid for 5 years and only available to UK residents.
One Card for each Family Member includes non-emergency care for existing/chronic conditions

The new card will no longer cover the whole family as the old paper system did. Each person in the family will need a separate insurance card. The new card also provides the user with essential care needed for the length of stay, which means that in cases of travel with existing/chronic medical conditions non-emergency care will also be provided.
Does not cover already planned treatment in home country

The EHIC also covers all aspects of care originally provided under the paper system, along with necessary treatment for travellers with existing conditions. The card will not cover treatment a patient is awaiting for in his or her own country, nor treatment that can wait until return home.
Travellers still need Travel Insurance

While the card will cover emergency treatment and such like, it is essential that all travellers to Europe still obtain travel insurance. The card will not cover any transportation home (repatriation) or expenses for relatives; accommodation costs etc. should an emergency occur. It will not cover loss of luggage or other personal items. It is also important to remember that treatment covered will be the same as that received by locals, which can vary among EU member states.
Helpful Information

Application can be made quickly online for the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC - formerly E111)

Any questions or queries relating to the EHIC can be made by calling 0845 605 0707

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