Advice needed re: Transfer.

Hi, here's my situation and the subject i need advice on.

I passed out of ITC recently, completed driving course, had some leave and went to my overseas btn. Got to btn and was told straight away that summer leave was coming up and i'd be going on it, no problems there.

However during my time at btn i completely hated it. It is nothing like ITC or what the instructors at ITC tell you it is going to be like. At ITC it was brilliant, doing stuff everyday with the lads who i had a great bond with and we all encouraged and pushed each other through everything we did. We knew what we were doing everyday and we all helped each other prep and there was always great banter and good crack in the platoon. The nco's used to say all the time "you'll love it at btn, it's brilliant!"

Well not in my case, everybodys miserable, everybody tells you how crap it is and that they are getting out, nobody wants to know you, theres no crack, you never know whats happening from 1 hour to the next, the accomodation is falling to bits, i have no keys for my lockers, there is nowhere to dry clothes, i had something stolen on my 1st full day.

I'm due to go back from leave in the next few days and then deploy on exercise a week or so later, i have no MFO box which has basic essentials in i need for exercise, wet and warm kit etc. I seriously want to transfer and get out of that place but have been told i have no chance of transfer so im considering not going back at all. To make it worse all my muckers who i was at itc with have told me how brilliant their btns are, they've been welcomed in by the lads, made to feel at home and even have brand new accomodation and en-suite rooms!

I don't want to go AWOL but i'm getting so depressed about going back i may end up doing it. What are my chances of getting a transfer to another btn or capbadge?
you are entitled to put in for a posting to a new unit after 6 months in your current one.
you up date your jpa assignment request and print it of and hand a copy in once a week.
it may sound daft but it does work.
also trythe old favourite route of the padre/welfare
dont be a nonce and go awol as that wont solve anything. if anything it will highlight the fact that you never mentioned any of this to any one, so how could they help you if they dont know about it!
Mate, im almost certain that during your time in training your DS will have told you that training is not the "real Army" and they are correct. Sometimes it takes time to get used to a new place. My advice to you would be to give it more of a chance. It maybe that you still feel like the new guy and that your on your own, but it does get easier and a lot better, you will make really good close friends. but if you do feel as though it really isnt for you then there is routes you can go down as to changing cap badges. Before you do it though I would strongly advice you to sit down with a senior or your section commander and ask them what the btn plans are for the future. i.e future ops, AT, exercises etc. if that dosent float your boat then by all means apply for transfer, but remember the Army is rather full in a lot of trades now. but too reiterate. DO NOT GO AWOL. It will be the worst thing that you can do.

best of luck mate
I'm not going to go AWOL, i don't want to transfer capbadges but i've been told i can't change btn's within the regiment for 2 years which is why im considering it. My btn is going on a big ex in 2 weeks, then afghan next year which im well up for. I think it's just the place itself, which is old and knackered and the lads just don't seem to want to know you and everybody hates it its such a depressing place to be. Whats making it worse is my mates at other btn's are having a blast and im not.
Mate a lot of places are old and knackered its not just you. Come to our place for the day, you will leave with the exact same feeling. As for the not being allowed to change btn. I think you have been misinformed there. Its my understanding that after 6 months a soldier is entitled to put in a PPP as previously mentioned
Ok well thanks for the advice, i feel a bit better about things, i've just spoken to me mucker who's on rear party back over there and he's give me a but of good news so things aren't so bad. I'll just put a btn PPP in asap and see what happens.
Stop being a bummer.

Give it a bit of time, going AWOL will be a bad move and being binned as your 'services are no longer required' is like cancer of the nose, it's written all over your face and no one wants to touch you.

The grass isnt always greener, I went from one service to another and it was quite frankly one of my biggest **** ups, fun nonetheless and different with some quality blokes but a bad move overall, not saying it doesnt work for some but if you end up treading water in some inane trade you will invariably end up like the archetypal infanteer transferee with baggy hips and wonky sidies spending the remainder of your career firing in 'it wasnt like this at Brecon/Catterick/ ect' and 'when I was infantry ect'

Stick with a PPP, at least you still get to do the job you trained hard for.
Will they let to move Bn if you've been warned off for an Op tour? Just curious.
While I'm not inf, I hated it for the first few months at my regt, just takes a while to get to know people, the ex you've got coming up is a good chance for you to meet some of the guys. There's nothing worse than going from somewhere you've just got comfortable in to somewhere where you don't know anyone. And going home after leave is always difficult, just stick it out and buy yourself some new useless kit off the internet - always makes me feel better.
as for 'the craic'...why not take the initiative and organise something, even if only a couple of you bother to turn up. While you're out, discuss what people like to do and start getting a few social things organised, bowling or 5 a side...even getting so pissed you spew in your pint glasses if that's what rocks your boat. If one more body poles up each time you arrange something, then the group will grow.
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