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i am trying to get my acsm which was awarded in the mid ninties, the problem is the medal was dispatched to the training advisory team to which i was posted to at the time, but not issued to me,the medal office simply say the computer says no ,so i have to apply for a replacement to the replacement sect which i have done ,i recieved a letter back stating my medal has been signed for by an individual in 1998 ,over a year after my discharge and that i have to report it as stolen to get a crime ref number i phoned them up and explained how can i do this as 1 i'm a civvie so cannot report this to the RMP and 2, i live in the uk and not Germany so i cannot report this to the gcp, the advise was buy a replacement . this i will not do as i earned the medal and some scrote no doubt has signed for it and flogged it off any advice would be appreciated thanks.
The Medal Office can issue an Official Replacement if you can prove it has been stolen, which it seems you can.

You can report a crime to RMP or your Local Force and get a crime number, they should just forward it to the relevant section/force. If they try and fob you off tell them to look up National Crime Recording Standards, it may prompt them of their responsibilities.

Watch ebay regularly, set up an auto search for your details, it may turn up.

Post on British Medal Forumyou will have hundreds of pairs of eyes looking, they may even have a record of it being sold.

Do not 'buy' a replacement, it will be a cheap crap copy. Get it recorded as stolen and request an official replacement, then concentrate on tracking your original down, no matter how long it takes!!!

Good Luck

The 'flash-to-bang' time on this is more than 10 years, however I hold the view that it is their (MOD/Medal Office) duty to get the medal to you rather than have you jump through hoops at what appears to be negligence or theft in the C of C.
A big thanks to all who posted positively to my original post,was informed today that the medal office now agree's that i did not recieve my acsm and that it was stolen /signed for by person unknown so they will now replace this so thankyou all again for you're help
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