Advice needed plz (out of loop wife)

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Tehotherhalf, Mar 26, 2007.

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  1. Heyas.
    Im new to this forum (isn,t it great)

    Anyway I live in my own home with 2 kids in the uk,done too many yrs in a MQ and bought a house because the regiment told me i couldnt get the educational help my son needed on the german posting so my hubby went married unacc.He did this for 3 yrs and we got through it ok.

    He has now been summoned back to his unit he has just finished a close to home posting and has been posted back to Germany,he got told today that from April he is only entitled to 1 flight home per year..(not good,finances are not great as I dont yet work) and even though he is 18yrs time served he has to wait 1yr before he qualifies for that 1 free flight home........Can anyone tell me if this is correct or is my hubby all confussed.

    I have never been a wife who has stepped on any rankers toes but omg im so close to screaming at someone..plz advise
  2. Get the hubby to look at the JPA Package (sorry haven't got a disc on me), or get yourself logged onto the ArmyNet. JPA comes with a shed load new claims etc. When on the JPA website got to resources and he can print off a list of what he can claim and due to time served and Educational needs i think he can claim Get You Home (Stability)(GYH (S))
    but don't quote me!

    Hope that helps?
  3. Welcome to the site, 'totherhalf!

    I have been skimming the new rules and regulations over the last week and must profess that I am glad that I am not in a job where I am constantly claiming expenses (several jobs ago, I was claiming something like £3-400/wk!). JPA tightens up on a lot of things and it may be that such flights are affected.

    I would wait a few days for people to read the rules and work out what is and isn't available. If you find that you are seriously disadvantaged, then your husband will have to present a case to the CoC.

    If he doesn't win his case, then he might have to ask for a compassionate posting, but you indicate that he has already had one. The Army Welfare Service must be involved at some point....

    The good thing is that flights to and from Germany are nowhere near as expensive as they once were. If it comes to the worst, you might just have to work it out between you.

  4. Thanks a lot for your reply.

    I'll wait till this system issue is more understood,this is not the first time over the last few months that we have had no info or mixed info on this new scheme.(getting told he can claim 4k from last 3yrs in uk then getting told it is being disputed (forces wide)and now on hold... lol

    The compassionate posting might be a good option IF nothing can be sorted.

    The posting my husband had close to our home was not a compassionate posting,it was just pure luck that it came around and because it is well know within the regiment where i live and the fact my husband had been married unacc for 3 yrs already in germany he was offered the posting if he wanted it :).
  5. I'm afraid your husband is right.

    The old system OLTS (Overseas Leave and Travel Scheme) is finished as of 31 March and the new system GYH(O) (Get You Home (Overseas)) will take it's place.

    The new entitlement is one return journey per financial year, whether that is in the form of 'Trooper' flight and a rail warrant to the nearest train station (to his next of kin, which I hope would be you!!), booked via his leave and movements clerk, or driving back and claiming back what the cost would of been of the flight and warrant (it will be less than the petrol/ferry costs).

    The only exception is for young soldiers (how young escapes me at the moment) and they get a shedload of flights (again, I forget how many).

    Sorry to be the bringer of bad news, but I'm in Germany, and I'm not happy about it either.
  6. I was under the impression that GYH(O) was for Commonwealth soldiers recruited into HM Forces from abroad, not for someone based in Germany trying to get home to the UK to see their family?

  7. Without sounding too harsh... why dont you get a job?
  8. thankyou indoubitabley,

    All these changes within the system will soon lead to lot of bad issues I fear for everyone.

    Is there anything that is being introduced, that is actually beneficial to the soldier serving his time.

    Everyday it seems more and more like after you are 24yrs old you might as well change careers.


    A job for me is not acceptable at the moment,due to a lot of issues.Childcare being 1 of those and lack of qualifications being another ,I gave up any chance of a career to have children and move around every 2 yrs in the army supporting my husbands career.
    I have always believed that 1 parent needs to raise children themselves and not let outsiders do it.My youngest child will be of an age soon where I can get myself a job and know that my children are safe,until then I am bringing them up.I have 2 very well adjusted children that will go into adulthood without saying they were brought up by strangers because mum and dad had careers more important.Until my issues change I am reliant on help for my husband to get home.

    Now i guess I will be asked why im not in Germany with him,this is very simple,while in NI it was found out that my young son had not had the proper education I thought he was having(i was shown this proof by his next school and nothing was done to this previous school for their neglect),He was found to be 7yrs old and unable to read and write .This next school also near an army camp brought on my son a lil bit (using a goverment scheme)but he was still needing special learning needs for a few years to come.
    When my husbands regiment was posted to Germany I telephone the families officer and told him what had happened with my son over the past few yrs and asked about what learning scheme is in place at the new school to continue the scheme my son was on in the uk.I was told none and that the army couldnt help,Well to be honest there is no way im gonna let the army or my husbands career ruin my childs future,Due to the DHE taking over MQ's surplus quarters I could not..
    1,retain my present quarter.
    2,was not offered a surplus quarter..(funny thing here is that a mile away from where i am now used to be surplus quarters for unaac families now they have immigrants in them).

    so option 3 was to buy our own home so I could settle the children.(and pay out more to live..damn mortgage lol)

    Good news in all this my son has now caught up to his peers and passed them in his abilities and is presently 14 and at college on mondays studyings engineering that is normally done by 17-19yr olds.I know I made the correct choice here.
  9. Tother.

    Its nice to hear what I have always thought.

    That it is much better to struggle with one employed and bring the kids up than to let someone else bring them up.
  10. Nice to have your support Brads_REME

    I understand its a very controversial issue,but I used to childmind my m8s child from age 2-4 he saw his mum for 1 hr in the morning and 1hr at night and he went to see his dad at weekend...I didnt want and dont want this for my kids :)
  11. No I have not discussed the past issues with anyone to do with the forces abt my children,I was so let down by the army, After I moved into a civvie street house I have had no contact with anyone from the army,I have lived in this present house for 6yrs now so my children are sorted now thank god.both kids are in mainstream school and are doing excellent I have no complaints on that.In the 6yrs ive lived here the first 3 my husband was posted overseas (including op telic)during this time I recieved no phonecall or letter or anything from my husbands unit,but I was able to see my husband relatively often.

    My original request on this thread was to find out if anything,How the army under the new system are going to help my husband to visit me and his children while he is posted back overseas this time around.I expected the army to be more helpful about our situation that they forced us into in the first place,surely my children and I still have rights.1 travel home a year is a very daunting prospect for us all.
    Doesnt it seem sad that I have to resort to talking about my concerns on a blog forum when im a dependant of a 18-19 yrs serving soldier living in the uk.

    Things would be a lot better(financially) if the Army had treated my husband with the resepect he deserves and has earned in his 19yrs and awarded him the rank for that age range and not the CPL wage he recieves.let me just say here he is qualified from 3 courses to be a sgt+ and has never been given a reason for not moving up the ladder..We seem to think its because he has never done the CLM, due to him never being offered it or never being in a place/job to get time away from that job to do it.

    As someone with rank in his unit said recently.he is a pure case of bad man management(fingers crossed someone now gets of their behind and looks into his career issues with an interest) instead of yes cpl no cpl 3 bags full cpl.

    I know I am being the classic moaning wife and i am not forcing anyone to read or reply to my rantings and ravings.But I feel better writing this stuff down anyway.
  12. Return flights Germany - UK cost ca £80 including taxes etc.


    Tell hubby to stay off the booze and out of the mess and he could fly home every weekend using his LOA. :D

    Not that this is a good state of affairs but needs must.

    Hope you find the official answer.
  13. Sorry if my posting here is OFF TOPIC or Going off thread or too detailed in explaining my issues.It has been mentioned to post elsewhere.

    Thanks to those who have taken the time to reply and tried to help

    Just delete the thread moderater.
  14. No, they've changed the name to screw us over again. (Trust me, I'm a clerk).

    I think what you are on about is DOMCOL.