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Hey, my names Ben and I'm 20 years old in my final year of a history degree, then I'm working in company hr dept for 6 months then traveling for 6 months. I don't intend to make a career out of the army however since 16 I have been very keen to serve my country, it may sound cheesy but its something I want to do in my life.

I would like to join as a military administrator as it would be direct experience to the kind of work i want to go into, which is hr. However I have my doubts about the picture the army jobs website paints ( My question is as a soldier only intending to serve for a four year period would the educational opportunities (post grad, masters etc) be a realistic idea and would the job actually entail sitting at a computer screen number crunching all day without getting any actual hr/business type experience.

I'm asking these questions here as I doubt a recruitment officer would be able to give me quite as unbiased a view. If there is anyone in this field on the board I would love to here from you. thanks, Ben
OK so you only intend to do 4 years, why not consider commissioning into the AG Corps. Judging by your academic quals this could be a possibility. As a soldier in the AGC you will have little HR experience, however, if you enter the Army at management level (if you make it) you will gain HR and management experience. You must remember that everyone is trained as a soldier first before completeing their "trade" training. If you are in barracks then the chances are you will spend a lot of time at a desk using one It system or another, however, if you're on Operations (which you will atsome stage) you will carry out the same pre tour training as everyone else and will get the chance to patrol and get out and about.
Thanks for the reply gunner, I have considered becoming an officer however my only problem with that is from what I understand the process of becoming an officer is a very lengthy one. When I arrive back from traveling i will be 22, with the application process, a year at Sandhurst and four years service I could be getting on to 30 by the time I leave the army and start my career in civilian life. I guess if I get the ball rolling now that is an option.

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