Advice needed please

My son, who's 18 is in Phase 2 training.
He is experiencing some aggressive behaviour towards him from another lad. Im not calling it bullying as yet.
This other lad has had several digs at my son, punches, kicks, and attempted headbuts.
Hes started on my son a few times.
My son came in this morning from a night out and has a big black eye inflicted by this other lad who started on him in a bar and threw several punches.

My son is very aware that hes in training and any incidents invariably get escalated and end up with severe disciplinaries or even being kicked out. So, so far hes been able to control his temper and hasnt retaliated at all.

Its almost impossible to avaid this other lad, as hes a mate of one of my sons mates and has been for years apparently. Also he lives in the next town to us, so they end up on the same train home at weekends, and then hes there when they go out at night for a drink.

What should he/I do?

Ignore it and hope it goes away?

Get him one to one and knock his head off(leaving himself open to all sorts of accusations afterwards)

Get witnesses, and knock his head off(all witnesses deny anything happened etc)

Report it to Troop staff?

I ring Troop staff to advise them?

We are worried about him. Hes always been a popular lad and never had to deal with anything like this.
Myabe itll toughen him up, but is it wise to just let advise him to fight back?

thanks in advance.
why hasn't he gone to the police, violence is violence, i have a caution on my record for grabbing somone, so this lad who clearly assualted your son has commited GBH or ABH i'm not sure which it is classed under G = General, A = Actural Bodily Harm.

otherwise do what alot of people i know do when they feel they must get violent and that is to catch the person in a camera blind area when no ones around and to just give said person such a beating that they would think twice before doing it again. That said, things could come from that and your son could get out numbered and be put in hospital, this is quite common these days due to chav mentality.

personally if your son still has a black eye, police station and report it. if it happened in a club usually clubs have cameras inside. i don't know if there is special procedure for people in the army.

my 2 cents.
Maybe your boy should have a quiet word with said knob head. Just pull him to one side and say if it doesnt stop he'll have no choice but to report it. Then its up to the bloke in question, but if it carries on then your boy should go speak to his training staff and get it fired up the line.

At the end of the day, its assault and it is bullying. While the forces are supposed to make men out of boys, assault isnt part of that process and your boy has no obligations to some ******** who cant keep his fists to himself.


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Simple answer. It is bullying and intimidatory behaviour. Your son needs to report it. Bullying is not condoned in the Army, ebven more so in training establishments, and the arrse who is doing this to your son is not a team player. He needs to be sorted out - legally, through the chain of command.

It takes balls to report something like this as no doubt your son will think everyone will think less of him. Moral courage is called for - the fcukwit doing this will continue to do it, if not to your son, then to others and is just the kind of prick who needs to be stamped on (in a legal, 'with military justice' kind of way). Even better if your son has witnesses.

Ref travelling on same train. Non-issue. Once the military disciplinary chain gets involved said tosser will either toe the line or if he is stupid (which he probably is), end up in deeper sh*t if he tries it on outside of camp. He (and your son) are soldiers 24 hrs a day and subject to orders and military law...

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