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Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by bombdoctor, Apr 17, 2008.

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  1. Have just tried to set up my BT land line in my SFA and BT say that it is not connected to the network and will cost me £125. Is it not a DHE responsibility that the line is at least connected to the network?? Or am i going to have to shell out??
  2. Unlucky mate, but you will have to foot the bill as DHE are not responsible.

    Drop BT as they are dog toffee when it comes to this subject and will not budge an inch.
  3. mobile broadband is pretty good these days and not exclusive to laptops.
  4. I thought you were right on that point so I had a look at JSP 315 Scale 22 - SFA

    315 Scale 22
    Edition 3/July 1999
    Amendment No 14/October 2005

    If they wont provide the phone line could you use that to argue a reduction in the grading (and therefore the rent) of the quarter?

    (Standing by to be facked off at high port by somebody who knows different!)
  5. If the SFA is a "new build" you can claim any BT charges back. AFF have the details but their site is offline today!
  6. Just as a slight move to one side; Anyone who will be moving into SLAM accommodation will be pleasantly surprised to find that the SLAM project has paid for the BT connection up to the socket c/w telephone number. It is just a case of the user setting up an account with BT. There is also a seperate socket for your broadband.
  7. Think you will find the £125 is a connection fee, although BT install all the lines when the properties are being built, the first tenants of taht property then get stung for BT flicking a switch. Had some friends who moved into a new build last week, they got charged £125 and someone just activated it in an office by computer..... I wouldn't mind £125 for pushing a button!! But maybe not the big red button....

    Would be interested to see the AFF link as I can passs it on to my friends
  8. We moved in to our SFA three months ago and as the last tenant had moved there line from BT to another company that we cant seem to find it cost us 125 quid for Re connection.
  9. Anybody using SSE broad band if so have you had any problems? Speed etc
    Or should I stay with BT?