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Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by uneasyrider, Apr 8, 2008.

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  1. Evening all

    I've made some preliminary enquiries about joining the TA but would like some advice on whether or not I'm deemed to old.

    I'll be 40 in a couple of months but exercise every day (cycling, run or weights, yoga). I'm also an experienced skydiver, part-time fireman, motorcyclist and still keep my hand in with the local shooting club. I served with the local cadets for 4 years but that was some time ago!

    I've spoken to the local TA office on the phone and I'm popping in for a chat tomorrow and the chap there thinks I'd be suitable for a transport role, as 'I'm knocking on a bit'.

    As you can see from my lifestyle I enjoy life to the full, keep fit and am wondering what other roles chaps of my age and background can expect to fulfil?
  2. msr

    msr LE

    The upper age limit is 43.

    Go down to your local unit and speak to them.

    P.S. If you post in the 'Joining Regular' Forum and fail to spot the 'click here for Joining the TA', then your eyesight may be poorer than you think ;)
  3. Aye with "serving" in the cadets you might want to go have a crack at 23 mate.
  4. LOL :lol: Well we did learn map and compass skills, you know
  5. I advise that you give some consideration about continuing as part-time fireman and being in the TA. As I'm sure many will agree the TA does require a high level of commitment, more than some may think.

    Full time job + Firefighter + TA = one very busy person!

    Good luck :D
  6. And if you tried clicking on the said link you'd find out it doesn't work! :p
  7. Works for me
  8. How did things go with the joining process? I am the same age and about to do the same thing.
  9. Hi Mate

    I'm 40 and just passed selection.. you can join until age 43... being older has many benefits but as I'm old I can't remember any...

    good luck, remember no pain no gain...
  10. Selection for...Them?! 8O :D
  11. At 40 year old? Them may be a tad overstretched but things ain't that desperate...

    Yet! :lol:
  12. Your only as old as the fingy you feel...

    If anything it has given me a new lease of life... every day is a good one..
  13. Well said that man! :D

    What unit/regiment/corp are you serving with? I've been giving serious consideration to getting back in, but I'm ex-Infantry; I keep in good shape(no, not ROUND! :D )but I don't know how a 41 year old would fit in with blokes half his age... :oops:
  14. Hi Mate

    I'm going for Infantry, just come back from a weekend and knocked 26 seconds off my BFT... did well on press ups and sit ups...

    don't worry about the younger guys, at this moment my fitness is better than theirs, yes they will improve and no doubt I will plateau (probably very soon) but experience, maturity is what they are looking seen as being helpful, with a good attitude and your experience will move you forward...
    go for it... I'm buzzing...