Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by Jamborambo86, Dec 14, 2010.

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  1. Afternoon everyone,

    Im just looking for some advice and i guess some reassurance that i am doing the right thing.

    I joined the army back in 2007 and went to Catterick for training with the GUARDS (Grenadiers), at the time i was 20/21 since i was a boy this is all i wanted to do, lots of my family served in the army as well so i grew up with it.At 16 i left the country and moved to the middle east for 11 months, after that i went to Canada to live for 2.5 years, all this was excellent amazing experiences I learnt a hell of allot, lots of fun, women good life but for me that was not enough and there was always something missing. So i gave up my life in Canada with the intention of joining the best army in the world.In late 2005 i left for the UK.After speaking with the army careers i started the process to join, what was about to happen would test my resolve and determination to join and be the best.When my medical files were submitted to the army medical core they came back to me and said they cant accept my application at this time due to me having very mild asthma when i was younger and going to the doctor to get a inhaler, they told me i had to be clear of it for 5 years, which meant i would have to wait over another year before they could process my application any further. I was of course devastated i had sacrificed allot in my eyes to do this.I tired fighting it as i was on the cross country team when i was in school and i could run 1.5 miles in under 10 mins but i was fighting a loosing battle

    So i travelled a bit more doing this and that but not fully happy, i knew i was going to try again so i just needed to kill time. Finally in 2007 i passed selection and and joined up and went to Catterick for training. I was happy finally doing what i was meant to do in my eyes.

    A few weeks into training i felt my knee giving out on me, to be honest i went into training with a injury to my right knee but me being stubborn didn't think it would be much of a issue obviously i was stupid and naive. I was MD at week 8 of training. I was devastated as the doctors told me i had brought the injury into training and they weren't going to fix it for me, i was told to leave and get it fixed on the NHS.

    At this time i was in quite a bad way very upset and thought maybe it was a sign and not meant to be after all, so i went back to Canada lived there for another 3 years fell in love a few times, got a good job in security at a high profile location in the heart of the country's financial district, done that for 3 years made good money learnt allot was a supervisor for a year as well supervising up to 14 people, i also got qualified as a personal trainer and done personal training on the side. But once again i was content but not fully happy and there was always something missing. Every time i saw the British army on tv or saw any articles about them something inside of me ticked and i was like that is meant to be me.

    So 2010 i leave once again a great life in Canada great friends, people who loved me to go follow my dream.

    I am now 24 years old will be 25 in 2011, i need a operation on my knee before i even think of applying again, so that is were i am now, waiting for the NHS to give me a date for the operation.Not sure how long this will take but im hoping before the end of 2011 i will be ready to join up again.

    Am i crazy to be doing this again sacrificing allot? with no guarantee i will get back in.
    I will not be joining the infantry again i am looking at the Military police or intelligence officer.

    I believe i have allot to offer the army this time around. I have allot of different work experience, 3 years of law enforcement in Canada, supervisor experience, Personal training, know how to get all different kinds people fit for all kinds of goals my knowledge of health and fitness is good and is a huge passion of mine.

    Im just looking for words of encouragement from individuals who understand the passion for the army.

    Am i doing the right thing?
    what do you believe i will be suited to?
    I will probably be 26 by the time i get in again is this to old for recruit training? when i was in training at Catterick most of the lads were under 21 and never left home before, ive been by myself since i was 17 so any advice would be greatly welcomed and appreciated.

    I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Stay in Canada, England's shite
  3. It's better than Belfast..

    I think you've answered your question over and over mate, you want to join the army and you feel you have a void in your life. Get the knee sorted and apply mate, applications are taking a long time though so you'll have to prepare yourself for that and your not too old, there's people who are reaching the upper limit which is around 33 I think and they are still applying. Just sort the knee mate and apply again. I put my application off for a few years for all the wrong reasons and I start basic in Feb, good luck lad!!

  4. I agree with PA, have you looked into joing the Canadian Army?
  5. I looked into joining the Canadian army yes, but my pride for my country got in the way, there's no way i would serve another country s army, yes i like Canada but there's only one army to join. Im British all the way.Im actually quite surprised by the comments, have you two served in the army?

    Whats the issue you have with England?
  6. Thanks mate. good luck to you as well. What you joining?
  7. Thanks mate, good luck to you as well what you joining?
  8. Go for it and go hard
  9. Yes I've served in the Army.

    England is slowly going down the pan. Canada is lovely incomparison.
  10. I'm joining Engineers mate, I was going to go infantry but serving and ex-serving family members advised me to go Engineers and get a trade, see what I think and if I want further down the line to go infantry but I think Engineers was the right decision :thumright: I think you'd be making the right decision mate ;-)
  11. If you made a few bob in civvie street why wait to get your knee sorted on the NHS? Go private and save time, probably get a better rehab programme too.
  12. You are showing the want and determination to succeed in the army so go for it and good luck. If you want your dreams hard enough you will find a way to make them come true.
  13. You remind me of those dumb Essex bints that tell their fat, ugly, slut of a daughter that she has the talent to win "X factor" or "Britain has useless chavs" and then wonder why they cry on TV when the poor kid realises (after some home truths) that they have as much talent as a bucket of panda shit.
  14. Hmm so what seems to be your problem there Prince Albert? did the army reject you or something, what you do for a living because your definitely not a soldier that's for sure, what ever it is you clearly have some issues you need to address but not on here.
  15. Yea England has it problems we always have, thats life mate shit happens but we are a great nation at heart and will pull through these hard times like we have always done. We have survived countless wars, and at the end of the day if you dont like the country as they say you know where the door is, im sure Canada will have you and i agree it is a great country