Advice needed- Paras or RE

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Hi I’m looking for advice regarding whether to apply to the royal engineers or paras, I know they are very different but here’s my reasons.
I have been told by many that joining the paras isn’t good long term because I should ‘get a trade’ for the future. Until this I was stuck on joining the paras. Although ambitious and perhaps slightly delusional, I have goals of joining the pathfinders/uksf depending on what opportunity’s come my way. I suppose my main question for this is whether I should just go with my guy and join the paras, or be logical and join the royal engineers and do p company to try my luck for 9 parachute squadron. I would appreciate any and all advice


Asked and responded to (no answers, just opinions) time after time after time. In fact, there is even a sticky thread dedicated to “what role…” you should use.

Not open for further replies.

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